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The casting of Cybill Shepherd as billionaire home-economics doyenne Martha Stewart in this made-for-TV biopic allegedly grew from a quip made by Today Show host Matt Lauer, that only three people were qualified to portray Martha: Shepherd, Candice Bergen, and Robin Williams (!). The film follows the traditional rags-to-riches route, as Martha rises from a poverty-stricken childhood in Nutley, NJ, to the head of a vast financial empire, largely founded upon her talent for whipping up inexpensive gourmet meals and her sagacious, tasteful home-decorating tips. (It is explained that this metamorphosis is borne of necessity, after Martha's lawyer husband, Andy [Tim Matheson], suffers a lengthy spell of unemployment.) Much is made of the contrast between the sweet, benign "public" Stewart and the hell-on-wheels "private" Stewart, and of course a great deal of footage is devoted to the Wall Street insider-trading scandal that brought about her spectacular downfall. Highlights include a vivid recreation of the confrontation between Stewart and TV host Jane Clayson on the set of CBS' Morning Show. Based on a best-selling book by Christopher Byron, Martha, Inc.: The Story of Martha Stewart first aired May 19, 2003, on NBC.
Comedy , Drama , Television
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Jaffe/Braunstein Films


Cybill Shepherd
as Martha Stewart
Tim Matheson
as Andy Stewart
Joanna Cassidy
as Caroline Kass
Toni Grossett
as Child Martha
Mauralea Austin
as Jane Clayson
Dorie Barton
as Young Martha
Seann Gallagher
as Young Andy Stewart
Jude Ciccolella
as Eddie Kostyra
Hollis McLaren
as Big Martha
Lauren Isenor
as Child Cynthia
Terri Govang
as Martha's Sister
Michelle Nolden
as Norma Collier
Raquel Duffy
as Melissa Graham
Martha Irving
as Diana Helpern
Rhonda McLean
as Connie Maynard
Jeremy Akerman
as Kmart CEO
Ross Petty
as Sheingold
Gary Levert
as Skinny Joe
Nigel Bennett
as Rat Bastard
Mark I. Graham
as Tight Buns
Stan Carew
as Sam Waksal
Tony Quinn
as Court Clerk
Krista MacDoanld
as Glamour Editor
Bruce Graham
as Business Reporter
Emmy Alcorn
as Food Critic
Jeremy Webb
as Food Critic
Michael Best
as Food Stylist
Martin Burt
as Food Stylist
Jeffrey Smith
as Martha's Assistant
Susan Leblanc-Crawford
as Floor Director
Laura Bond
as Girl
Geoff McLean
as Farmer
John Fulton
as Farmer
Kristen Tough
as Neighbor
Stacey Smith
as Neighbor
David Renton
as Morgan Stanley Banker
Allan MacGillivray
as Host/Fashion Photographer
Nancy Regan
as News Announcer
Sheila Brand
as Ehtel Stewart
Jen Kydd
as Sales Associate
Lee J. Campbell
as George Stewart
Rejean Cornoyer
as Casting Agent
Brian Heighton
as Real-Estate Guy
Chelsea Watkins
as Nutley Girl
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Cybill Shepherd throws herself into the domestic diva with a hammy, scenery-chewing panache...

Full Review… | August 8, 2004
Flick Filosopher

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Cybill Shepard was really great as Martha.Martha the Brand is amazing, but apparently Martha the person~ Not So Much

Marilee Aschwanden
Marilee Aschwanden

This was a DVD I picked up cheap because I figured that the wife would be interested in seeing it, but as far as a little behind the scenes history of the famous home-maker goes, it's fairly engrossing. I dunno how much Sheperd really nails the Martha mannerisms, but as far as delivering the information, it was an okay watch. Rental?

Bill Bryant
Bill Bryant

This was probably the most frightening look at America’s favorite perfect little house maid, Martha "The Stock-rapist" Stewart. It was a great little biographical film about her from her childhood all the way to her little incident that landed her actual jail time. So what made this movie scary? Well, for starters if you have ever wondered why these fat old rich white conservative men always say Martha Stewart has ruined the women of America, this movie may actually help you come to realize that overblown opinion. She hated the idea of having kids and to a certain degree, she hated having a husband. It seemed that the only thing she wanted her husband for was her own successful career. It was actually sad to see a woman basically say "Fuck my daughter and my husband! My career is more important!" basically, this was some cry to women that they are better than being loving wives and whatnot. No, I am not against this line of thinking, only when the women in question are single and aren't mothers. I never had respect for this woman and well, I never will. Actually, I think someone should put her down. Anyhow, the movie was honestly very entertaining and kind of shocking. There was a sense of happiness in some parts but they were often ruined by the scenes of witnessing how much of a bitch she really is. I hate the person this movie was about, but honestly, this movie is probably the only good thing I have ever witness that had anything to actually do with Martha Stewart. Go rent it, watch and enjoy.

Amanda Xenobia
Amanda Xenobia

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