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½ August 21, 2015
Without the narration, it would be bland, but Pierce's commentary is genuinely hilarious.
January 22, 2015
This was funny. I liked
November 24, 2014
Documentßrio feito por alienÝgenas sobre os hßbitos humanos de reprodušŃo. Interessante o estranhamento que o filme causa, apesar da comÚdia.
June 11, 2014
Great Movie I enjoyed it!
May 20, 2014
Some good bits but its a one-joke mockumentary.
December 15, 2013
I am going to hear We Hate movies review of it instead
February 2, 2013
Moderately amusing film about human mating rituals made watchable by the narration of David Hyde Pierce - Best line : Females like movies where one person dies slowly,, Males like movies where lots of people die quickly.
½ December 20, 2012
Funniest movie I've ever seen!
July 18, 2012
the story is crap. It's typical bs, what makes this movie is the "documentary" voice over. classic
April 30, 2012
Better than I expected. Actually quite original - a sort of humorous National Geographic documentary on human relationships - though the concept loses its novelty quite quickly. Reasonably funny, well paced, and short. Not Citizen Kane, but still fairly entertaining, nevertheless.
June 6, 2011
Generi─?ka ljubavna pri─?a sa tvistom - predstavljena je kao vanzemaljski dokumentarac o ritualu parenja kod zemljana. Pratimo jednu vezu, od upoznavanja u nekakvoj diskoteci, sve do vjen─?anja i ro─'enja bebe (sa svim obaveznim sastojcima kao ┼íto su sva─'e, razila┼ 3/4enja, izgubljeni telefonski brojevi i sl.), sve apsolutno urnebesno iskomentarisano od strane vanzemaljskog naratora. Pojedini dijelovi filma o─?igledno su inspirisani filmom Sve ┼íto ste ┼ 3/4eljeli da znate o seksu (a niste smjeli da pitate) i serijom Dream On, skoro sve ┼íale funkcioni┼íu, nema praznog hoda, likovi nisu antipati─?ni (!), sve u svemu, ovo je neo─?ekivano dobar film.
May 19, 2011
Has a certain low-rent vibe. But still not bad.
August 8, 2010
An alien nature channel narrator making incorrect analysis of each step of courtship, getting lots of things wrong and lacking any sort of realism. As for the two people the cameras follow, they act perfectly normal most of the time, but when its time to eat, they chew their food oddly with loud sound effects, presumably to make them seem more like animals. There's also odd corny dramatizations thrown in the movie. Over all, it's only mildly funny. Based on a gimmick that might be fine for a short, but is drawn out into an hour and half in this movie.
June 29, 2010
It's one of those rare movies that is both dumb and yet quite funny at the same time. I liked it.
½ June 23, 2010
Very funny and a little cute at times.
May 11, 2010
druga z moich ulubionych komedii :D obrazowe sceny ilustrujace funkcjonowanie plemnikow i ich reakcje na to jak taki ziemianin je traktuje sa ozdoba tego filmu. gwarantowana pompa :)
February 4, 2010
Recommended by SexiVixxEN
February 4, 2010
one of the best comedy movie i have ever seen :)
Super Reviewer
January 31, 2010
An older one ,but absolutely hilarious!!
½ November 26, 2009
Kind of a mixed bag, some of it works and works well, but not always, and it does get a little tiresome after an hour or so. Good supporting cast.
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