The Legacy of The Matrix

10 Years of 1999: We explore ten movies that owe their existence to the Wachowskis' existential tale.

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X-Men (2000)

Marvel's main mutants had been stalled in development limbo for decades, handicapped as potential screen icons by their frankly naff, gaudy comic book costumes. From The Matrix, the X-Men movies took a sturdy, black-leather-based look which became the default fashion statement for angsty 2000 superheroes just as red-white-and-blue tights (or, in Wolverine's case, yellow spandex) had been in earlier eras. The influence might have been two-way -- like Star Trek's Holodeck and Doctor Who's (um) Matrix, the X-Men's Danger Room (a virtual reality training ground as seen in X-Men: The Last Stand) was an important precursor of The Matrix's Matrix.