Maverick Reviews

November 15, 2017
The script is notionally based on the old television series of the same name, but the screenwriter William Goldman, has produced something depressingly up to date in its incoherence, its crisis of confidence served up with a sickly grin.
September 2, 2014
By the time Donner crowds his climactic poker game with a bevy of veteran Western character actors, decades of movie tradition have been reduced to window dressing, and Maverick leaves you hungry for the real thing.
September 2, 2014
Maverick is smart-alecky without being very smart. It's full of spoofy, har-dee-har-har ribaldries -- this film practically winks at you.
September 2, 2014
This movie doesn't have the wry kick of the TV show at its best. Too rich, too loaded, Maverick may have misplayed its cards, kept its eyes on the pot instead of the players. In movies, as in poker, you can't always trust a pat hand.
September 2, 2014
Goldman and director Richard Donner don't know when to stop mining a gag and to move on. That the film runs in excess of two hours is indicative of the filmmakers' love affair with scenes that don't work.
September 2, 2014
Somewhere about halfway through Hour Two, you might find yourself looking at your watch and wondering, 'Like, when is this movie going to begin?'
September 2, 2014
Maverick reminds us of what killed the western in the first place.
March 25, 2008
Formula Hollywood filmmaking at its shallowest.
January 29, 2005
November 22, 2004
July 28, 2004
June 14, 2003
May 20, 2003
The television show offered viewers the pleasure of watching scoundrels being deceived. The movie version is about deception as well, but this time the folks being cheated are all in the audience.
March 23, 2003
It may make the $100 million, but it is not a well-made film.
March 5, 2003
Mildly amusing - for about 35 seconds.
August 3, 2002
unrelentingly smug, for no good reason
January 1, 2000
A gaudy reincarnation of the TV series with Mel Gibson, Jodie Foster and James Garner flashing diamonds, breaking hearts and clubbing cliches damn near to death.
January 1, 2000
Ho hum.