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½ August 19, 2012
Max(Michel Piccoli), a police inspector, is angry that he is too late to prevent another lethal bank robbery. Not only that but that his pet informant may have been less than reliable. And then said informant turns up dead. The trail is not entirely cold as Max has a lead that turns out to be Abel(Bernard Fresson), an old army buddy down on his luck who steals cars and scrap with a motley gang of fellow criminals on the outskirts of Paris. All of which Max confirms with Rosinsky(Francois Perier), the local police inspector. So, Max hatches a plan to lure the gang into a bank robbery in order for them to be caught in the act in order to restore his prestige in the department. His first step is to approach Lily(Romy Schneider), a prostitute and Abel's lover.

"Max and the Junkmen" is a compelling movie that moves at its own idiosyncratic rhythm. At the same time, its deliberate pace does allow for suspense to build nicely towards the film's climax. In fact, it is a rather deceptive movie in that it is something of a reverse caper. Consumed by his obsession to catch criminals, not prevent crime, Max acts like a criminal, not by planting evidence or something similar. He is running a long con by making the mark think they are making the decisions when in fact he is pulling all of the strings. In its own topsy turvy way, the movie does not side with its police protagonist but with the gang who only seem dangerous to themselves. This is in a world where most of the characters have military experience in colonial wars.
October 6, 2010
Un des meilleurs Claude Sautet. Le flic Piccoli manipule la prostituée Romy Schneider pour inspirer un braquage de banque à une bande de looser et les faire tomber en flagrant délit. Mais... c'est pas une histoire si simple. Humain trop humain. Excellent.
September 24, 2010
A Hillarious French Neo Noir / Gangster Movie about a Police Commissar who investigate against his Old Compangion who is now Member of a Lunatic Junk Thief Gang after falling in Love with a German Prostitute (The Incredible Beautiful Romy Schneider) and thought he killed her Pimp by beating him to death and join the French Legion until he find out the Pimp still lives and come back to the Prositute. The Police Commissar pretend to be a Bankier to trick his Old Compangion but he also fall in Love with the Prostitute...

Excellent Cinenmatography, Action, Acting & Music i love this 70's French Movies
June 25, 2009
Comme toujours, totale reussite pour ce trio ( Sautet, Schneider, Piccoli).
Un polar epatant avec une mention speciale pour Michel Piccoli qui incarne de facon effrayante un flic desabuse, aigri, qui perd toute sensibilite humaine pour ne penser qu'a manipuler une affaire afin de redorer sa vie morne.

Il retrouvera la compassion et la raison dans les bras de la magnifique Romy.

½ January 25, 2009
I liked it for most of the time, except for the storyline which seemed just to mercilessly straightforward to me and the final twist which came about just too unmotivated and thus shattered the credibility of the main character. But I liked the conversations between the detective and the prostitute and I particularly enjoyed observing the prostitute's reaction when she finds out that what she is actually being paid for is playing cards...
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