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September 13, 2008
Another great Neil Simon story starring Marsha Mason, with Matthew Broderick as her son.
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½ August 24, 2008
Charming fable. Jaon Robards is irresistible as the wandering dad.
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July 18, 2008
A real charming movie from 1983. What would you do if someone suddenly gave you everything you ever wanted. That's what happens when Nora's long estranged father Max shows up on her doorstep one rainy night carrying a satchel filled with $687,000. Max only has 6 months left to live, and wants to give Nora, a struggling schoolteacher, and her young son Michael, all the luxuries he can in the time he has left. The problem is, the money Max has, he stole from a casino he worked at in Vegas. To further complicate matters, Nora has just started dating Kevin, who is a police detective. Bestowed with amazing gifts, from new appliances, to a brand new Mercedes, to a completely refurbished house, Nora tries to hide her father's identity, and explain away her seemingly new found wealth. Jason Robards gives a poignant performance as Max, a lifelong ne'er do well, who tries to make things right with his family. Marsha Mason is charming and hilarious as the put upon Nora. Kiefer Sutherland is solid as the police detective torn between his feelings for Nora, and the nagging feeling he has that all is not as it appears with her. The movie features Matthew Broderick, in his film debut, as Nora's son Michael, a kid who hits the jackpot, and doesn't see his mother's problem with taking what Max is giving them. It's a very Frank Capra-esque fantasy, that showcases the fantasy that everyone who struggles with everyday life would feel if their ship suddenly came in. A feel good movie if there ever was one, it's also the screen debut of 24's Keifer Sutherland.
½ July 17, 2008
Some people love this film-- other's hate it. I think it is worth a look if for nothing else a great cast including: Jason Robards, Jr.; Marsha Mason; Donald Sutherland; and Matthew Brodderick (in his first film role... how lucky was he?)

Greatest conversation of the movie included the lines:

Michael McPhee: Can you make money from philosophy?
Max Dugan: Yeah, if you have the right one.
March 24, 2008
Awesome!! Mario Bananas!
½ March 17, 2008
This one's for Witkinstein
February 23, 2008
A great movie! Excellent!
February 13, 2008
One of the best movies ever. Every second of this movie is saturated with wit, satire and cleverness. Great lines, great acting. A real gem!
January 10, 2008
If you haven't seen this movie, you HAVE to get it! It is a great storyline, great cast, happy and sad moments and good laughs in between!
December 28, 2007
pure comic entertainment...endearing Simon story and wholly satisfying performances.
December 1, 2007
I don't remember anything about this movie other than the ending. It goes like this..
October 24, 2007
Great Movie, Dialogue and Cast
October 16, 2007
A Sweet Neil Simon movie.
August 31, 2007
Excellent script, character development, storyline, and all-star cast... and there are sooo many great lines from this film.
August 24, 2007
one of the best movies. Jason Robards is brilliant!
July 14, 2007
This is guaranteed to put a smile on your face!
½ July 9, 2007
great old movie..hilarious
June 18, 2007
Perfect writing. A very funny movie.
June 16, 2007
A favorite of mine. Robards is great as well a great casting!
May 26, 2007
I enjoyed this as a kid. I wouldn't mind seeing it again.
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