Max Keeble's Big Move Reviews

October 29, 2001
Parents may shift uneasily in their seats while their wee ones cheer on the food fights, crotch-kicking and dirty jockstrap gags.
October 6, 2001
A welcome slice of pie in the face.
October 6, 2001
The movie is nothing if not predictable.
October 6, 2001
Exactly which children Disney hopes to captivate with Keeble's Big Movea little unclear.
October 6, 2001
Bland, occasionally funny Disney comedy about a wayward seventh-grader.
October 6, 2001
If there's no way to avoid seeing Keeble's Big Move, take along a book, ideally a hefty one. With the proper arm speed and angle of release, you can probably nail the projectionist.
December 26, 2010
Slapstick humor and fun premise kids will love.
December 6, 2005
August 1, 2003
...I did enjoy [Mr. Belding's] cameo, but that doesn't change the fact that watching the movie is akin to sitting inside a Chuck E. Cheese for an hour and a half.
May 30, 2003
The moral of Max Keeble's Big Move is that it's awfully easy to say the right thing after getting away with the wrong thing.