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½ February 5, 2017
The two Steves clearly are having fun with their less than audible dialogue amongst plenty of shooting, running and other joys.

Fun to watch but yeah instantly forgettable.
½ October 30, 2016
Steve Austin steals the show. The rattlesnake drops some great one liners. Entertaining enough to spend 137 minutes. If you are expecting the Kevin King's Speech, this movie is not for you. If you want to see explosions, snapped arms and Seagal slap boxing this is for you.
October 11, 2016
Watchable, entertaining prison siege movie. Definitely one of Seagal's better recent efforts.
½ June 16, 2016
Situational action movie which is a fair watch by Seagal's recent standards.
½ March 26, 2016
I had little to no expectations before seeing this as I was positive it would not be anything special. I was right. The strange part though is that this was one of Steve Austin's better film performances. Steven Seagal.. was something else. This was the first film I've ever seen him in so is the overly chill persona just him being him? It felt so weird but definitely cool. I can see why people like him but his fight scenes were ridiculous. He's the most overpowered character in history. Steven Seagal could look at you and you'd burst into flames, which coincidentally was one of the few plot points of the film... kind of.

Erik, what was the actual plot of the film? No idea. It was something about rescuing prisoners while attacking other prisoners while someone else tried to kidnap them. I attempted to figure it out at one point but then everyone just started shooting again and I gave up. Maximum Conviction is 1% confusing plot, 4% Seagal and Austin soundbites, and 95% action scenes. Granted there were some cool, albeit ridiculous moments but a lot of it just dragged on. I wouldn't recommend this film to anyone but the most hardcore fans of Stone Cold or Steven.
September 25, 2015
These type of flops are making a very wrong impression on US society ( specially among Asians).
½ May 16, 2015
Finally a decent movie from Seagal! I quite enjoyed this intense, action packed, movie about a prison which has been taken over by an elite force because they want to get a highly valuable chip which has been implanted into one of the inmates. They thought that it was going to be an easy task, but when they come up against Stone Cold Steve Austin and the fast hitting Steven Seagal, there task becomes a steep hill to climb. I really liked the intensity throughout the movie and I liked the chemistry between Austin and Seagal. The military action scenes, seemed quite real along with the acting which wasn't that bad. You can tell that the director didn't have a massive budget to play with but they done a good job with what they had. I must admit, it is the quietest prison that I have ever seen and I don't understand why Seagal didn't call for some help to take down the intruders but thats just me being picky. Anyway, it's full of mindless action with a half decent storyline so I can honestly say that it's worth a watch. Watchable!

I hope they make more movies with Seagal and Austin because they really worked well together. There wasn't that many scenes with them together in this movie but there raw action skills and non-trash talking styles, compliment each other. It still makes me laugh how these characters try there best to get close to Seagal in the action scenes and he ends up taking them down with one severe blow, no matter how much weight he has put on. His acting isn't that great and he isn't the best person to show true emotion but I like his cool style which makes all of the baddies in his movies seem stupid. Although his movies, along with Austins movies, don't make that much money, you'll always no what to expect from there films and this one doesn't disappoint. 

I recommend this movie to people who are into their action movies about an elite force who try to take over a prison to get a highly valuable chip which has been implanted into an inmate. 5/10
April 7, 2015
My second Steven Seagal film, and I feel like this is what I can expect with any more of his movies. Low budget, dumb, action flick. The story is boring, and adding in some really useless back story didn't help at all. They use the same prison as seen in Force of Execution starring Seagal again, which is a simple confined set for a simple action movie. There's the guards, and there's the intruding CIA that are there to kill a certain female prisoner. The pace is ok, the acting and script are horrible, and the overall look and feel is cheap. The action is crap, CGI muzzle flashes, terrible sound effects for the guns and bullet impacts, and usually resorts to hand to hand combat. Even when the soldier is wearing a combat vest with magazines clearly all over it, they throw done true weapon after they finish a mag or two. Then the fist fighting is a mess of confusion where the good guy simply destroys the other guy, except for the terrible idea of having the CIA girl beat the crap out of the one soldier and the other big prisoner. She was a very unlikable character, with some sort of super power that let's her beat up the best special op men there is. It's a chase around a prison, it's boring even with the lame action, and I spend a good chunk of watching laughing at how stupid it was. Many little things made me laugh that I will not mention, it was just overall poorly done and predictable. Low budget is not and excuse.
½ April 4, 2015
Each actor sounds like they're holding scripts and reading them for the first time. Austin looks confused the entire film, and Seagal does this funny head jerk every time he says something tough. Skip this one for sure.
½ March 28, 2015
It's okay for a bored late night to see Steven Segal and Steve Austin randomly cuss through a casual conversation. The fighting is there with thick drama as well. Kind of seemed like the director was trying hard to make a reason to keep the film going in circles which got tiresome after 30 minutes or so.
½ December 25, 2014
Steven Seagal trabalha em um presídio onde tentam resgatar uma presa que possui um chip debaixo de sua pele com informações sobre dinheiro ilegal e que não pode ser rastreado... no final morre todo mundo e steven seagal salva a mulher que era uma ex-espiã da CIA.
½ December 12, 2014
More no-budget nonsense from Seagal. Pairing him with another wooden has-been at least provides variety.
September 12, 2014
The selling point here is Steven Seagal and Steve Austin. Sadly, Seagal's best days are far behind him. He's looking less like Steven Seagal and more like the monster that ate Steven Seagal.
½ August 20, 2014
Really good, straight up actioner. I really liked this film. The only thing I found really silly was how much Steven Seagal tried to wear clothes that "tried" to hide how fat he's become. Really Steven if you're not happy how fat you look on camera now instead of trying to hide it, how about just loosing some weight if you're that self conscious about it. Other than that I found this to be a highly enjoyable B action movie. It gave me exactly what I wanted as a fan of these type of '80 style action movies.
½ August 13, 2014
Steve Austin, and a couple of hot chicks made this movie somewhat worth it.

But I'm not sure why Steve Austin continues to act in such crap with an actor that wasn't even has been who's now 400 pounds?
May 31, 2014
not so much it put me to sleep
April 21, 2014
Typical story based on spectacular fight scenes.
½ March 6, 2014
Just an all around bad action film that is terribly acted. I say SKIP IT!!!
½ February 23, 2014
Segal..Stone Cold..need I say more..should get a medal for making it through entire movie.
January 12, 2014
Decent action with Steven Seagal and Steve Austin in the leading roles.
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