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After radiation from a comet showers the earth, inanimate tractor-trailers come to life and terrorize a group of people trapped in a rest stop. The manager (Pat Hingle) and a prisoner on parole (Emilio Estevez) organize the defense of the group and engage a counter-attack.

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  • Mar 01, 2015
    Fun and funny until it totally isn't, "Maximum Overdrive" is a brutal, gory, and unnecessary film that strives too hard for a shock rather than focussing on a consistent story. It is odd saying that about a film written and directed by Stephen King, but seeing as this is the only film he has ever directed, that is not a surprise in the slightest. He has now found his footing elsewhere, but quite honestly, he had a rocky start to his career with this film. A series of freak occurrences during a Comet affecting the planet, causes trucks and other inanimate objects to "come to life" and terrorize the town and all the people in it. Bonding to stay alive, the majority of the cast locks themselves in a gas station surrounded by trucks circling around them, waiting to pounce. Again, the first 30 minutes of this film are so over-the-top and fun that I was having a blast; However, the film slows right down, confining it to one space with not very much happening, and I found myself pretty bored. In a film with not a very interesting premise to begin with, I was hoping for a lot more shocking moments than what was presented. Overall, it's a fun movie for a bit, but the it stops being that and becomes a borefest. A very forgettable movie.
    KJ P Super Reviewer
  • Jun 19, 2014
    One of the most infamous films of the '80s, Maximum Overdrive is wildly entertaining. Written and directed by Stephen King, when an astrological phenomenon causes machines to rise up and attack mankind, a group of survivors take refuge at a truck station. It's a really exciting concept that allows for a lot of crazy scenes of machines running amuck. And, AC/DC rocks the shit out of this movie with their soundtrack, which includes such hits as "Who Made Who," "You Shook Me All Night Long," and "Hells Bells." Though it's incredibly cheesy and over-the-top, Maximum Overdrive delivers a ton of dumb fun.
    Dann M Super Reviewer
  • Jan 03, 2013
    With Stephen King both being the writer and director, I didn't know what to expect from this film. It's not good, hardly passes as decent to be honest. With an AC/DC only soundtrack, and a rather un-suspenseful and plain setting, this film starts out dry, and ends dry. There are some interesting kills, but no real scares, and I found myself with no attachment to any of the characters. This could have potentially been a fun movie to watch with a group of friends, but I feel it even fails at that with it's excess of dry dialogue. Not a fan of this film, not much at all...
    Horrific R Super Reviewer
  • Sep 23, 2012
    put this down to poor risk taking. Stephen King was the ultimate horror novelist of the time and he was given the opportunity to make a film. what he delivered was an entertaining mess of ideas that is interesting at times but really stupid other times. this is the best example why King is better suited to writing and not directing. I would have thought this could of been so bad it would be fun but it is a really bad film. the idea of the film only seems to come to life when King feels like it, surely the film would have worked better if it was more consistent with its machines coming to life. all the trucks are the ones having the fun while the small electrics are left without a menacing invitation. a flop in its time and obviously so, how ACDC could get roped into the soundtrack is beyond me. this really should of been a rollercoaster ride for the eighties but is really just a missed opportunity. Emilio Estevez couldn't even save this from the bore
    Brendan N Super Reviewer

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