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July 14, 2015
May is a cut above most other modern day slasher flicks thanks to a terrifically layered performance from Angela Bettis and concise, tense pacing
June 11, 2015
May is terrifying, brutally disturbing.... powerful components of horror mixed with an explosive performance by Angela Bettis. Very good movie!!! one of the disturbiest endings i've seen... 4/5
June 9, 2015
May is one of my favorite horror movies, as well as one of the most underrated horror movies EVER. I urge everyone to see it before they die. It's brilliant.

It's like a modern day Frankenstein tale made all the more realistic by Angela Bettis' INCREDIBLE performance. Everything she does here is believable. Even though May goes into slasher territory halfway through, Bettis doesn't make her titular character one of those immortal masked murderers. She's just a lonely, deeply disturbed woman trying to make a friend.

Lucky McKee's directional debut is unforgettable. It's a dark, creepy, highly original horror movie with frightening imagery and one of the best final shots I've seen in a movie.
April 27, 2015
I didn't quite know what to make of this movie. It's good to see a film that dives into the mind of a lonely woman desperate for affection but I didn't really like the characters. Especially the douchebag from Six feet under. The character of May seems so sweet and harmless that she is so unpredictable and scary. Feel like it should be put in a time capsule though since it had such a early noughties feel with certain actors etc.
½ April 18, 2015
Absolutely horrifying. But not a true horror film. You can probably already guess that May will be the killer. It's confirmed as you watch the film unfold. But it's not true horror, because we ride with the killer in her descent into madness, what (and more specifically WHO) drove her to commit these unspeakable acts of murder. You might feel sorry for May as she attempts to be, as Travis Bickle, another legendary loner said, "a person, like other people." You might be disgusted at the people she encounters and how soon they are to use and abuse (and then lose) her. You might even be disgusted at the gruesome killing that ensues. But you won't believe or be ready for how it ends. I'll end the review here. Approach this one with caution.
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½ April 6, 2015
A wonderfully dark and playful horror flick, May lives in the same weird vein as American Mary and Ginger Snaps, two other woman-lead wonders of the horror genre that focus primarily on femininity and exposing a certain mythos that connects vanity, self-love and loathing, sex, death and gore. Certainly smarter and more self-aware than it would like to admit, May is worth a watch or two. It isn't necessarily scary, but it leaves a mark.
½ March 23, 2015
Less a horror film (though there's plenty of gore) and more of a meditation on ostracism, Lucky McKee's "May" benefits from a quirky sense of humor, an interesting story, and Angela Bettis' dedicated performance. Not for everyone, but I enjoyed it.
½ December 25, 2014
Demented, quirky, darkly.
½ August 19, 2014
The acting is stunning and the script is fantastic.
½ August 10, 2014
Screwball horror tale which entertains and confuses all at once, for fans of the genre but worth a look...
July 28, 2014
Just the right amount of creepy to prevent it from becoming a typical genre film. Although far from perfect Angela Bettis overall fairs well keeping the character May from becoming boring despite overdoing things in certain parts. Jeremy Sisto shines as the weirded out love interest who becomes increasingly disturbed by May's attempts to fit in and make him like her. Anna Farris however comes across just as annoying as she did in the Scary Movie sequels. Far from a classic, but every so many years I find myself watching this movie feeling exactly the way I do now. Kudos on the strength of the dialogue in the script and homages to the giallo king Dario Argento. Enjoy May for what it is not what May wants to be.
½ July 5, 2014
An increasingly disturbing tale of a very troubled young woman that might have some bumps along the way, specially at the beggining, but that ultimately pays off with some great violent and disturbing moments towards the end. Its a shame that the first half hour doesnt quite compare to the insanity that comes afterwards as it has a very slow start that provides a slightly disjointed glimpse of hope for this girl, but thankfully the movie revives itself with more interesting, weird, distrubing, akward, and ultimately satysfying moments that are the real beauty of this film.
½ June 27, 2014
The second half of the film leads up to an insane and brutal climax which doesn't quite justify the dull slog of the first half.
½ June 15, 2014
May is a twisted, disturbing but surprisingly poignant horror drama with a remarkable performance from Angela Bettis and an original storyline. A criminally underrated film.
½ May 20, 2014
May is an awkwardly lovable girl just trying to fit in, after suffering from a very lonely childhood. Like other movies by Lucky McKee, the plot tends to be a bit scattered and can be a bit slow at times, but it still remains enjoyable to watch. The movie is a bit of a roller coaster ride with minor ups and downs that will make you both smile and cringe, until you reach the final hill with a painful progression and a breathtaking yet obvious ending.
April 29, 2014
LOVE this offbeat, original, eerie movie. It works on all levels, kudos to Angela Bettis for a great performance...if you like horror, this one is a must-see!!!
February 26, 2014
This movie is downright creepy and eerily original. Bettis absolutely killed it as May...someone described as very alone and troubled. She wants to create a special friend and by doing this she murders people, cuts off one of their limbs, and proceeds to stitch them all together. Bettis is the star here as she is very believable as a troubled young woman.
Definitely recommend.
½ February 17, 2014
This was the longest 90 minute movie I ever watched. I don't know if it was the long drawn out embarrassing scenes. Or the long drawn out -- super creepy scenes. Regardless of how long it felt, they did a good job developing the main character's arch. Super weird anti-social girl learns to just embrace who she is and start killing people. Also, I don't think this girl was that unattractive. Even with a screwy eye, I think she would have been able to get a cute guy. Poor casting choice. But I did like the ending. Nice touch. solid effort on both concept and execution.
January 3, 2014
Weirs film but very well done. The main actress is particularly interesting to watch.
October 23, 2013
Like a modern-day Frankenstein that's centered around a very disturbed and lonely young woman...... A fascinating character study and horror film.
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