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August 26, 2015
Very often with these kind of films, you get a great concept with a not so great execution, but this is an exception.

The use of what I imagined to be footage from the 2011 London riots was cleverly interwoven into the film to portray a London of petty crooks and bored coppers. The interesting twist by use of the flipped roles of 'Baz' the bicycle cop and a tattooed and lazily-bearded offender, in what seems to be an interview room, provides a dramatic and humorous opening as the events that led up to the moment unwind before us.

With his poisonous, ciggy-puffing mother judging his every move and decision, we have the fascinating contrast of Baz' comic work life, in which I felt very comfortable viewing, and his home, which was cleverly filmed to highlight Baz' discomfort and feeling of sickness at his mother's presence and attitude, which resounds in the audience.

With appropriate twists and turns throughout, this is one of those films that guarantees a laugh and an interesting pry into the lives of those who seem to be totally normal people.
½ March 6, 2015
It's one of those British indie films that come nowhere near the standard of the most ordinary telly drama.
May 19, 2014
Comes hitting with the strength of a cult classic, and hopefully to stay.
This witty english comedy has collected laughter among the audiences and reluctance among the critics.
Extremely contemporary, this film may fail to pass the test of time, but for the time that has been running has delighted viewers with his dark humour and satirical style that has been characteristic of decades of english storytelling.

This eccentric mesh, all topped with the brilliant performance of Kevin Bishop, foresees the actor's career break toward comedy, proving success in both sides of the lake after his role in Super Fun Night.

However, the film doesn't seem to have fulfilled the american critic scene's expectations. From my point of view, with punch lines like 'Does anyone else here speak English and have been raped?', the scene can be presented a bit raw to swallow for american audiences. Nevertheless, is the incongruence and boldness of these dialogues what makes the characters in this film crazy and unique, and builds the dark charm of british comedy.

Definitely a must see this summer.
January 31, 2014
the title was taken from a conversation between God and Paul Walker.
April 14, 2013
A cycle cop goes a bit psycho after a head injury - but in a polite British way (i.e. only kills criminals if they do not decline his offer to kill them).

A black comedy which I thought worked OK.
January 3, 2013
Well made British black comedy thriller about bicycle cop Barry Vartis, i.e. Baz (Kevin Bishop) dispatching his own form of vigilante justice on Britain's streets. Suffering from extreme migraines after being targeted by a gang of youths, Baz takes the law into his own hands, offering his victims the choice of arrest or death before uploading his victims' demises onto the the internet, where he develops a cult following as a result of his new found philosophy. While the film's dark moments are delightfully intertwined with elements of comedy and irony, it maintains a very real feel to it, tackling prevalent and contemporary issues such as social media and instant online celebrity in a modern and pertinent context. Still living at home with his mother, Bernice (Frances Barber), she persistently derides him for being a 'cycling bobby', while his personal and unconventional relationship with colleague Val (Hayley-Marie Axe) provides some weirdly wonderful moments. However, as Baz's popularity soars, so does his fallibility to exposure, and an enraged relative of a presumed 'kill' of Baz's decides to take matters into his own hands. Faced with a set of challenging and seemingly bizarre personal and social circumstances, Baz is not the completely emotionless psychopath viewers may expect, and this in-depth, fascinating character study reveals that there is a degree of emotion behind his malevolent exterior. Delicately and effectively balancing aspects of black comedy and thriller, May I Kill U? is a very watchable and enjoyable Brit-flick.
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