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½ March 2, 2016
Nice jokes and Caracters ....and they still trying ..... SOMDVD
September 21, 2014
A movie about Hugh Laurie shagging? How delightful. No, seriously, it's a cute movie.
December 29, 2012
I know its natural accent but after becoming a huge fan of 'House' it's very strange seeing and hearing Hugh like this. The same is true of Joely, really English but American in hit show Nip/Tuck... just weird!
November 2, 2012
it was an ok film but I thought it could have been better, I own it on DVD, Rowan Atkinson, Dawn French, Hugh Laurie and Joely Richardson starred in it, it was a great movie, it was directed by Ben Elton
April 24, 2012
Bean & House? I gotta see this one soon!
April 21, 2012
Una película decepcionante que empieza muy bien y decae en un terrible final donde se intenta confundir la tragedia con lo tragicómico. Una estrella.
March 12, 2012
Because it's got Hugh Laurie in it!
December 21, 2011
It's one of those movies that half-way through, you forget what it's about but you don't really care, because you just enjoy watching the cast. It has Hugh Laurie doing Hugh Laurie things like singing, playing the piano, riding motorcycles and delivering lines with dead-pan brilliance. The rest of the brilliant cast includes: Adrian Lester (Hu$tle) Joely Richardson and Julian McMahon (before they did Nip/Tuck) Dawn French (The Vicar of Dibley) and Joanna Lumley (AB-FAB), and cameos from Rowan Atikinson and Emma Thompson.
December 16, 2011
Much better than what it is meant to be.. Exceeds own expectations..
October 16, 2011
Okay so Hugh's character shouldn't have written the script about what was happening to him and his wife but the man needed to do something before he went insane. And some of the best scripts for movies are based off the writers real life. It is a funny British comedy that also has moments where you many need a tissue.
October 12, 2011
not interested at all ....
½ October 10, 2011
Pap of the highest order. Only Macca singing a Buddy Holly song and brief cameo by Rowan Atkinson added anything for me.
½ September 8, 2011
had to see it because of hugh laurie. decent story, good acting, mr. bean was silly.
Super Reviewer
August 15, 2011
So much genuine talent wasted in this blah rather mean spirited purported comedy which has nary a laugh within. Watch only if you want to see many fine performers employed in a project beneath any of their talents.
½ July 18, 2011
I just love Hugh Laurie!
Rowan Atkinson's character was so unnecessary and dull.
June 7, 2011
Boring. unfunny. very blah.
½ May 26, 2011
I saw this movie mainly because of the cast (House, Tom Quin, Mickey Bricks and Mr. Bean all in one movie!!) There are some funny scenes, but overall not a very impressive.
April 27, 2011
Solid little comedy that works better when it's doing light raunchy comedy, but it struggles when trying to be more dramatic. Laurie is great in the funny scenes but the end of the movie doesn't suit him.
March 28, 2011
Worth it for Tom Hollander's Sick Junkies pitch alone.
December 25, 2010
Bean & House? I gotta see this one soon!
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