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December 19, 2015
Halvalla tehtyä tunkkaista toimintaa. Lisäksi leffassa on paljon asiavirheitä.
December 18, 2015
I expected a cool action movie , not a war-action movie....enfin , between 3 times fall to sleep i did menage to watch it out . Ok , but not a classic i gonna remember my whole life ! SOMDVD
½ July 15, 2015
Hard to believe that an "action" film could be this dull.
June 13, 2015
McBain is not your typical bad movie by any stretch of the imagination. It has a lot of solid effort put into it. It has great explosions and stunts out the wazoo, as well as being very well-shot and decently acted. Why is it subject to a lot of negative feedback? Well, I think at the time this came out there was an abundance of it on the market. Similar to how there's an abundance of horror movies on the market today, these types of big action movies were being made all the time through the late 1980's and the early 1990's. Now is it really worth praising? Well not really. It's definitely mediocre and the story meanders all over the place, but it has enough entertainment value to keep it just above the crap level. Even the crew at Rifftrax recently did a very funny riffing on it. Justified, of course, but not to the point of the movie being a complete waste of time.
½ July 6, 2014
As far as action films go, this is pretty rad.
January 25, 2014
[Review to be read in Walken's voice for full effect] I'm not sure exactly.. whose IDEA it was.. to CAST.. Christopher Walken.. as an action.. HERO, but the results are certainly... interesting.

Unfortunately.. the PLOT.. is.. non-existent. Or rather.. it makes.. no SENSE. On top of this.. the film... doesn't flow at all. SCENES are random.. or seemingly randomly.. sewn together, and it's easy... to get LOST.

Fortunately.. as it is in the Simpsons' version.. the RESULTS... are hilarious. This film.. is so stupid. You'll THINK.. your IQ is actually.. REDUCING.. as you watch...

But you can't look away. You can't.. RESIST.. the Walken, shall we say.. CHARM... because it is useless.. to RESIST. In seriousness though.. if you MUST WATCH THIS.. make sure you watch it... with a friend.. drunk.
½ June 24, 2013
Christoper Walken's the A-Team. Plenty of guns, explosions, and bad guys dropping like flies.
½ February 10, 2012
Larry Cohen ,William Lustig and of course James Glickenhaus all purveyors of trashy but fun grindhouse cinema .
This film is actually less pulpy than earlier Glickenhaus films due in no doubt to the fact that it has Christopher Walken in the title role of McBain a soldier of fortune who is tasked to gain revenge for the murder of an old army buddy .
The plot is similar to that of the Expendables ,The Dogs of War or any other revenge action movie ,but Glickenhaus manages to pull off some exciting action set pieces and any film with Walken and Michael Ironside in it can be all that bad..

If you want to see it then seek out the Arrow Video DVD the picture quality and extras are excellent for what is basically an exploitation flick with better casting .
September 9, 2011
A Typical 90's Action Film With A Difference...Walken.

Christopher Walken. What a guy. There's few actors quite as instantly recongnisable as Walken with his jolted speech and often spoofed acting. The man's a living legend! He is also the reason why McBain sticks out above the slurry of action films from the early 1990s. The film itself is nothing too unique or original in the action genre - the characters and the plot are average for this genre and so's the high body count. But this is by no means a bad thing. A film typical of it's genre is just what the doctor ordered for any action fan out there. Christopher Walken is just the icing on the cake.

Overall whilst offering nothing particularly new to the action genre, it really doesn't matter. Walken is as great as ever, the film delivers on the action front with a high, brutal body count (which is to be expected from the director of the classic THE EXTERMINATOR). Add a great DVD packaging - complete with booklet about the film and reversible artwork - and this is the perfect gift for any self-confessed action-obsessed film fan.

The type of film you're liking to see in a special offer around Father's Day. Get it for The Walken!
½ February 18, 2011
You know, I get up in the morning and I go to work. I go to the same bar each night and drink the same beer. I laugh, I talk. But when I saw Santos on tv, I got jealous. Because, he was doing what he did best.
½ July 27, 2010
This is so awful in a way that kicks so much ass.
May 15, 2010
So bad its good is most definatly the best way to describe it. When watching you must really consider the budget and what it was spent on, basically all the fuckin explosions they could afford. Walken must have been paid by the word (which basically means he was silent) and theres 1 or 2 other reconisable faces such as Michael Ironside. Fun and watchable action flick, but so so bad. Oh and whats with all the kamikaze?
½ September 29, 2009
Walken drops through the ceiling and shoots an evil dictator in one glorious move!
September 20, 2009
Abysmal script and script. Awful plotline and casting (Mr. Walken being the obvious exception). However, the movie is saved due to the high body count, creative deaths and huge explosions. Absolutely awesome!!!
½ April 11, 2009
This movie was a little behind its time. Should have been made between 1983 - 88 (during the heyday). Some hilarious scenes, dialogue, however not enough great lines with Walken. I did expect a little more, but still a great amount of deaths.
February 10, 2009
It's a reverse sweep masterpiece. The greatest bad movie in history that doubles as some awsome American propoganda. Just look plot! it's genius. Michael Ironside has a pony tale in it! It's a work of wonder, everyone should watch this.
February 5, 2009
great movie good story ideals
September 20, 2008
OK, but how can you keep a straight face watching this after all of those years of the Simpsons.
August 26, 2008
Gets 3 stars because of Christopher Walken killing a jet fighter pilot with a gun from his own plane without any broken glass, and having one the highest kill counts in any movie.
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