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McLintock! Quotes

  • George Washington McLintock: [screaming at a homesteader] You've caused a lot of trouble this morning. Might have got somebody killed. Somebody oughta belt you in the mouth but I wont, I wont to hell I won't [knocks the man down a muddy hill]

  • Katherine McLintock: [after walking out of her bedroom to find G.W. and Mrs. Warren at the bottom of the stairs] What's going on here?
    George Washington McLintock: [Intoxicated, with Mrs. Warren sitting on his lap] Now Katherine, are you going to believe what you see, or what I tell you?

  • George Washington McLintock: Agard, if you knew anything about Indians, you'd know that they're doing their level best to put up with our so-called 'benevolent patronage' in spite of the nincompoops that've been put in charge of it!

  • George Washington McLintock: [after falling down the stairs for a third time] Drago, I am sleeping in the den!

  • Running Buffalo: Swell party, where's the whisky?

  • Ching: [repeated line] Crummy family, crummy family!

  • Curly Butler: [Curly indicates a hat hanging from the weather vane] Makes seven times this month he's come home swoggled.
    Drago: Six.
    Curly Butler: Seven!
    Drago: Six! Once was his birthday - that don't count.

  • George Washington McLintock: And I am *not* intoxicated... yet!

  • George Washington McLintock: I've got a touch of hangover, bureaucrat. Don't push me.

  • George Washington McLintock: Don't say it's a fine morning or I'll shoot ya!

  • Drago: Take it easy, boss, he's just a little excited, that's all.
    George Washington McLintock: I know, I know. I'm gonna use good judgement. I haven't lost my temper in forty years, but pilgrim you caused a lot of trouble this morning, might have got somebody killed... and somebody oughta belt you in the mouth. But I won't, I won't. The *hell* I won't!

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