Me and You Reviews

December 3, 2014
The movie is slight but observant and not nearly as maestro-batory as some of Bertolucci's other work.
August 28, 2014
The defining emotion here... is a characteristic warmth toward -- and envy of -- young people coming into bloom.
July 31, 2014
The film's a treat to watch, with luxuriant camerawork by Fabio Cianchetti and a gorgeous, intimate score by Franco Piersanti.
July 17, 2014
Though the setting is a retreat from the world, where not terribly much happens, within its confines Lorenzo gets an eye-opener about both human frailty and interconnectedness, courtesy of someone even more troubled than he is.
July 4, 2014
Bertolucci is indeed a master, and "Me and You" evidences numerous thematic connections to his earlier work as well as constant proof of his distinctive gifts as a stylist.
Top Critic
July 3, 2014
Mostly what's missing in Me and You, what drains it of insight and resonance, is a sense of the world outside of Lorenzo's apartment building.
July 3, 2014
Lorenzo, the bratty 14-year-old protagonist of Bernardo Bertolucci's "Me and You," is the quintessence of flailing adolescent angst.
July 3, 2014
An underwhelming coming-of-age fable that skirts around its own lurid undertones.
July 3, 2014
Me and You has the reflection and patience of age, and the fleet-footed energy of youth.
July 3, 2014
Bertolucci depicts Olivia's ordeal explicitly and the siblings' bonding tenderly. He makes eloquent use of the claustrophobic set.
June 30, 2014
It's a tender film with great affection for these two souls; but it's also slight and formulaic, with persistent off-key notes, like the youngsters' 1970s-'80s taste in music.
June 27, 2014
An intimate, miniature and subterranean coming-of-age drama ...
June 26, 2014
There's something oddly endearing about Me and You, a minor work from the master filmmaker Bernardo Bertolucci.
June 24, 2014
Bertolucci, despite his obvious affection for Lorenzo, can't help but seem out of touch, and his hero looks and sounds less like a modern-day teen than an old man's wistful idea of one.
April 19, 2013
While Bertolucci has made many more notable movies, you have to admire his constant quest for a glimmer of truth.
April 18, 2013
It's fine, but we expect more from this director.
May 22, 2012
Bertolucci's witty, potent little film showed Cannes that he is still a force to be reckoned with.