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June 24, 2011
I love how this movie shows the impression of en era in both clothes and music. I also find the story believable - even if the leads seem to be exaggerated.
½ June 1, 2011
What a completely dysfunctional friendship. Seriously, I'm not sure why anyone would've put up with it for so long. Niether of the girls were all that likeable, in fact I found Anna Friel to be an extremely unlikeable version of Emily Blunt and I just hated it. Michelle Williams is usually brilliant but her character was just stifled in this, it wasn't her best effort.
March 7, 2011
A brilliant an complicated piece of work. Too bad this never got much attention when it came out. Worth a look if you want to see more of the great work from Michelle Williams.
January 5, 2011
This film depicts the gritty part of a female friendship. The jealousy, the stealing the other's boyfriend - the just downright meanness that can & does happen. There is no "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" here. The one friend would have taken the jeans, worn them on a date with her BF's Boyfriend and then ripped them up and thrown them away. The problem with this film is that you don't care about these girls. The one girl is a selfish brat and the other a whiny wimp. You leave the film thinking - They deserve each other. If you are trying to balance out the sweetness of your girl night, watch this.
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November 25, 2010
Needful Things... I mean, Me Without You, juggles several themes without a catastrophy - does this make for great entertainment? Not necessarily, though there is certainly enough here to mull over.

The "story" involves two young girls; next door neighbors who probably, if they weren't next door neighbors, would not have connected.

In one corner you have Holly, the product of a stable Jewish family, who has been told since a toddler that she has brains, not beauty.

In the other, you have her opposite, Marina, from a broken family whose mother instills the virtue of beauty.

Once the two main charactors are introduced you get to live with them for the next 30 years via a series of vignettes that, taken seperatly, are often flat and uninvolving, but as a whole take on new life and direction.

While the early part of the film wallows in pathos and boredom, there is a much deeper subtext that makes this film watchable.

I made the lil joke about needful things, because that's what all the charactors are, especially Marina. Whether it's because of her father's rejection, or her mother's teachings about beauty and attention being the true way to wealth and happiness, she not only needs the spotlight all the time, but perceives that she needs ANYTHING that anyone else might desire as well. So, she takes anything that Holly may want, including men.

It's easy to understand why Marina needs Holly, since she's such a Diva and always needs applause and attention, but why does Holly tolerate Marina? Is it because Marina offers some sense of adventure and wonder that her own bookish life fails to provide? Or is it, in her case, a true sense of kinship and the bond formed by lonliness?

These themes are all interesting, but it's subtext and not the crux of the film, which seriously meanders as it tells it's story of the two girls and those around them (particularly Mirina's older brother, who a young Holly has a crush on and later.... well, let's just say there's lot's going on).

I could have done without much of the period effects - too much of the disco scene - oh, look at the gay guy doing a fan dance - and other superflous scenes drawn simply to impart a sense of the era. I also found the drug party scene to be rather pointless, except to perhaps give an underpinning to the main charactors. Further scenes also left me underimpressed, though they gave me ample time to comtemplate the underlying stuff I've already discussed.

I also felt that the final scene where Holly has finally had enough of Marina's needs to be a bit melodramatic - not from Holly of course, but Marina's blathering soul sucking need and then her subsequent emotional breakdown... it just played slightly over the top and false.

But then the film redeems itself with a very nice closing scene 10 years later - the girls are back together, out in the backyard watching their own two children, both girls, cavorting about. Without saying anything the film say volumes as it freeze frames on the next generation. The meaning is evident, and the cycle of need continues.
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½ August 10, 2010
Cast: Michelle Williams, Anna Friel, Oliver Milburn, Kyle MacLachlan, Trudie Styler, Marianne Denicourt, Steve John Shepherd, Allan Corduner, Nicky Henson, Deborah Findlay

Directed by: Sandra Goldbacher

Summary: In 1970s London, two young girls, Holly (Michelle Williams) and Marina (Anna Friel), grow up next door to each other, share intimacies and survive mutual traumas. Their lives are completely intertwined, and they make a pact of eternal friendship they don't ever plan to break. But as they progress through adolescence and young adulthood in the turbulent 1980s, their friendship and resolve are tested.

My Thoughts: "It's really surprising how much I not only enjoyed this film, but how much I related to it. Me and my bestie have much of the same relationship as Holly and Marina. It's a gals, gals movie. Not much for the guys. But it's a great film that should be seen even if its about a couple of best-friends staring two girls. I was surprised that I liked it, because most best-friend films are full of bubblegum bullshit. This film felt like it was a very honest and real portrayal of a friendship/sisterhood. Love Michelle Williams. Her and Anna Friel where great together. Thought they were both believable as besties. Will definitely watch it again."
½ July 30, 2010
Seriously? What a story! What an awfully bad execution of that story!~
July 9, 2010
Michelle Williams is brilliant.Looking forward to seeing more of her.
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½ May 30, 2010
Seriously? What a story! What an awfully bad execution of that story!~
½ May 25, 2010
best of friends growing up through the punk / new romantic times with matching soundtrack.
it was funny it was sad it was bloody good.
images , decor and sound recreated as a backdrop to a story of friendship tested through the years.
for me this was a missed gem.
½ May 10, 2010
was captivated by this seemed so real story. will definitely watch it again later. it makes me feel
½ May 8, 2010
Great look into just how complicated friendships can get over time. Also, Michelle Williams is a damn good actress (all i ever really saw her on was Dawson's Creek lol).
May 3, 2010
i love this movie so much!
½ April 25, 2010
I'm a huge Anna Friel fan, so it helped. It's not a bad movie, just not particularly memorable.
February 9, 2010
'Me Without You' is disturbing, yet intriguing. I suppose it is its brutal honesty - I appreciate it & am vexed by it. Chicks! (Head shake) ;-) Michelle Williams is spectacular in this role. She really has become quite the actress since 'the Creek'.
½ February 8, 2010
I'm not quite sure what the point was with this movie, but watching it gave me chills cuz I grew up with a toxic manipulative "friend" like Morena, and I'm still trying to get away from her.
½ January 8, 2010
I really enjoyed this film although Michelle Williams english accent really annoyed me, but hey I've heard worse and she did do a great job playing the shy and timid Holly. I also thought Anna Friel did a fantastic job playing the manipulative and controlling best friend Miranda. All in all a good look at how friendship can be both benaficial and harmful and used as a way of controlling people, with the really sweet sub plot of Holly and Miranda's brother Nat's ever changing relationship.
December 31, 2009
This is my favorite film with Michelle Williams. It charts the development of the friendship between two very different girls, Holly & Marina, from their teenage years during the late 1970s to the present day. I love this film because it shows Holly and Marina's friendship throughout the years and all the things they go through. Marina pretty much sabotages every relationship Holly has as she's jealous of her not always relying on her, as she thinks Holly needs her more than she needs Holly. But of course Marina needs Holly more than Holly needs Marina which she proves when towards the end of the film she says the film's name when Holly tells her they can't be friends anymore. I'm glad that towards the end Holly finally ends up with Nat, Marina's older brother, and has a daughter with him. Marina also ends up having a daughter and son but it doesn't clarify who too, but Holly's daughter and Marina's daughter seem to be the best of friends, just like their mothers used to be.

Best line:

Marina: "There's no me without you!" (said to Holly)

My Actor/Actress review:

Michelle Williams - i liked her as Holly, she's a really great actress

Anna Friel - really bossy as Marina, i didn't particularly like her character

Oliver Milburn - i loved him as Nat, this was the first film i ever saw him in
December 4, 2009
genial film!!! me encanto muchisimo
½ November 6, 2009
Amazing acting. The chemistry between Williams and Friel made the movie. The story is dramatic but intriguing. It is hard to believe that entire story could be told that well in a film less than two hours, but it was done. The ending was a bit quick.
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