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Mean Creek Quotes

  • Millie: Sam, what's going on here with George?
    Sam: Oh, it's nothing bad. It's just a joke.
    Millie: What kind of joke?
    Sam: Well, we are planning on stripping him, throwing him in the river, and then we are gonna make him run home naked. We have a plan and it involves a dare.
    Millie: A dare?
    Sam: Yeah. See, the only reason I didn't tell you before... [Sam gets interrupted by Millie]
    Millie: Who said I wanted to be a part of this?
    Sam: What about this? [Sam snaps his fingers]
    Millie: What's that?
    Sam: If you could snap your fingers right now, and he would drop dead in his tracks, would you do it?
    Millie: It's totally mean, Sam.
    Sam: He's mean.
    Millie: He's a stupid fat kid. He's got problems, but he's obviously... Promise me you won't do anything to him.
    Sam: It's not just me.
    Millie: Promise me or I go back to the car.
    Sam: All right, I promise. I'll tell Rocky
    Sam: All right, I promise. I'll tell Rocky.

  • Sam: If we hurt him we would be just as bad as him.
    Sam: You know, if we hurt him, we'd be just as bad as him.

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