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January 23, 2016
I was kinda sad to find that this unseen Fred Willamson flick was more of a great trailer than a great movie, as there's not a helluva lot of action until the final reel, ad it's something of a slog to get to that action, if I'm being really honest here.

Pass? Unless you're a completist for the Blaxploitation stuff or Williamson.
July 15, 2013
Mean Johnny Barrows is a fun slice of 70's blaxploitation films. It has a corny plot, plenty of violence, mobsters, hot women, and more. What's not to love about such a combination? If you enjoy the corny films of this era, this one is worth watching because it might be stupid, but it sure is a lot of fun to watch.
½ November 30, 2012

"So long, sucker!"-Nancy (Jenny Sherman)

Williamson's directorial debut. Not to shabby.
½ May 12, 2012
This is the WORST movie that I have ever seen, it was really boring! This movie get's a poor rating.
December 27, 2011
Even though this is a low budget, cheesy action movie from the 70's, the story itself isn't that bad. If you were to give this script some A-list actors and $50 million dollars, it would probably do really well.
½ April 10, 2011
Fred Williamson's helming debut admirably attempts post-Vietnam social comment, but its action is riotously clumsy.
February 28, 2011
You really need to be a fan of Fred Williamson to enjoy the films he directs. They're super low budget, padded, a bit sloppy & they use the same theme song relentlessly. Personally I like The Hammer so Im pretty forgiving. This time out he punches out a commanding officer, gets a dishonourable discharge & basically goes from the front line to the unemployment line. Things turn around for him in a round about way as he is offer to do a hit for the mob. Here is where you get what you came from out of Williamson. Looking fly in a white suite touting double barrel shotguns blowing away mother-fuckers w/out getting a drop of blood on himself. Kicking ass w/ his bad kung fu..GODDAMN PEACE IS HELL
½ October 17, 2010
This is the WORST movie that I have ever seen, it was really boring! This movie get's a poor rating.
July 3, 2010
a vietnam vet gets caught up in a war between 2 mafia families in LA. it's a cheesy B movie but fun. not great filmmaking but i did like the ending, it wasn't what i thought it would be.
February 17, 2010
Fred Williamson directs himself in this iffy and criminally boring story of Vietnam vet turned Homeless Bum turned mob hitman Johnny Barrows. My big problem with the film (other than the snooze it kept trying to put me in) was that the normally badass Fred Williamson comes off as nothing more than a pathetic puppet to the man. Watch his strings quiver as he tries and tries to resist those evil ways, but if you dangle enough bread in front of him Johnny will cave to your criminal will. Not cool, just sad. And there is one of the lamest, unintentionally funny kung fu fights I‚??ve ever seen towards the end of the film. Some odd cameos from Elliot Gould, RG Armstrong, and Roddy McDowell are still not enough for me to recommend. VF.
½ November 30, 2009
Fred Williamson met ici lui meme en scene ce scenario original, proposant d'aborder le theme douloureux de la guerre au Vietnam, vu par la lorgnette du cinema de blaxploitation. Le propos est interessant, décorticant la descente aux enfers d'un homme exclu de l'armee, revenant a la vie civilise et subissant le racisme ambiant, apres avoir servi sa patrie. Le metrage prend rapidement la forme d'un "revenge movie-like", l'homme devant vite retrouver les armes face a la violence du quotidien... Un film assez radical dans son propos (et dans sa fin surprenante)... Malheureusement, la technique ne suit pas et la realisation manque d'inspiration et de rythme, rendant l'heure et demi fastidieuse. Mention special au doublage francais, digne des pires films porno de l'epoque...
Super Reviewer
½ October 22, 2009
Not a bad film, had a point, but low budget filming thats for sure. Johnny is a vietnam vet who earns a dishoronable discharge and is sent back to the states where in 1970 not only is hard for a black man to get a job but a vet with a BCD, no way, so he joins the underworld in order to square things with a rival mob gang. Its Black Exploration at its height. And you only have to sit thur 90 minutes. I give it 3 1/2 stars.
½ June 29, 2009
This is weird. I had high hopes for it from the poster but it was confused and...well..dumb. The copy I watched was a horrible VHS transfer and it was framed terribly so half the time you weren't even sure who was talking to who.

The acting's not bad, given who's in it but the plot just makes no sense and lurches from random event to random event.
January 2, 2009
Johnny Barrows saa fudut armeijasta vedetty√§√§n esimiest√§√§n turpaan, jonka j√§lkeen palaa kotihoodeilleen etsim√§√§n duunia suht heikolla menestyksell√§. Paskaisen huoltoasemapestin aikana Johnny on totaalisen ly√∂ty ‚??The Manin‚?? harjoittamasta syrjinn√§st√§ ja rasismista, k√§y sitten pitk√§n moraalikamppailun, mutta p√§√§tt√§√§kin loppuen lopuksi ottaa tarjotun hitman-duunin vastaan amerikanitalialaiselta mafiaperheelt√§. Eih√§n t√§m√§ Williamsonin oma ohjaus ole oikein mist√§√§n kotoisin, mutta onneksi miehen kiist√§m√§t√∂n karisma pelastaa t√§t√§ jonkin verran. Toimintakohtaukset ja musiikit ovat siin√§ ja siin√§, dialogi ei ole l√§hellek√§√§n bl√§kkist√§ viihdytt√§vimmill√§√§n ja kummiset√§m√§iset kliseet l√§hinn√§ puuduttavat. K√§sikirjoituksessa on ihan hyvi√§ ideoita, mutta vain ideoita. Elliott Gould tekee t√§ss√§ hassun n√§ytt√§ytymisen.
April 21, 2004
The tagline reades, "He's lean, he's tough and he's mean!" With a tagline like that you'd think this film would carry more punch that what it actually serves. Granted there are moments of action, but no enough to sustain this film as it is the action which drives the plot. Couple this with some cinematography which leaves you clueless as to what star and director Fred Williamson was attempting to film. Just a sampling of camera techniques which throw this film in a tilt and alienate the audience from the story: the classic superimposed shot with two actions occuring at once, the funky mosaic shot which you can do with a home video camera and the always popular kalediscope shot which seems to go on forever. I'd like to give kudos to Williamson for this film, but, there is so much this film leaves to be desired.
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