Measure of a Man Reviews

July 15, 2019
While occasionally difficult to watch Measure of a Man is overall entertaining and reminds the audience to never settle and always be their best selves.
October 28, 2018
Instead of rehashing familiar tropes, the film keeps the audience engaged with a first-class performance by Blake Cooper as the film's 14-year old protagonist Bobby Marks.
July 9, 2018
The accumulating power of The Measure of a Man is in its small details and undemonstrative approach.
May 12, 2018
A tender, heartfelt and endearing drama with a breakthrough performance by Blake Cooper.
May 11, 2018
Loach's film is beautifully shot and Scearce's story is wonderfully told. It's not maudlin or preachy.
May 11, 2018
Coming-of-age dramedy isn't that original, but still manages to be a sweet summer tale.
May 10, 2018
It's a deceptively powerful performance, and although it is not enough to elevate the entire genre, it nonetheless separates Measure of a Man from its competitors.
May 10, 2018
There is a lot to love in this gently funny and wise little movie.
May 10, 2018
It's a sweet and knowing and lovely and funny story, but occasionally the spell of warm nostalgia is broken by painful moments of family heartbreak and cruel bullying.
May 10, 2018
Offers decisive proof that fresh and different is overrated when you've got a strong cast, a beautifully written script and fittingly measured direction.
May 9, 2018
Nothing that transpires could be considered unique but the commonality of experience is a strength. We can relate.
May 8, 2018
Cooper delivers a brave, raw and moving performance. He brings an innocence and wisdom to Bobby.
May 8, 2018
By shifting events in Robert Lipsyte's One Fat Summer from the 1950s to 1976, screenwriter David Scearce adds new layers of poignancy to the young adult novel's end-of-an-era narrative.