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February 15, 2017
I liked it. Horror movie acting, but great story. Watched on showtime extreme.
½ August 22, 2014
Directed by Andrew Cymek "Medium Raw" has a very in depth synopsis with multiple stories playing out centering around a serial killer and his connection to the other cast of characters in this action/horror flick. A rookie cop catches a notorious serial killer known as "The Wolf" who killed his sister when he was a child and left him scarred. While seeing the killer to his new digs at Parker's Asylum officer Johnny Morgan and a small group of others find them selves in a twisted battle for survival when pandemonium ensues bringing them face to face with some of the worlds sickest killers. The film stars William Davis, John Rhys Daves, Brigette Kingsley, Mercedes McNab, Jay Reso, Kristina Miller and Andrew Cymek.

"Medium Raw: Night Of The Wolf" has some really cool elements and some very bad ones. The things that I enjoyed about this film most were eclectic group of serial killers locked within the asylum and the fact that it happens on the eve of the Christmas holiday. There was a big flirtation with the Little Red Riding Hood fairytale between "The Wolf" and a small child that really should not have been in the facility to begin with. For me the most exciting thing about this film was the "smack down" concept as the killers are released from their cells forcing the people trapped inside to fight or flee in order to survive. The best character in "Medium Raw" was Mabel Hannibal. A crazy woman who was captured and locked away for killing and cooking people. If Hell has a chef then Mabel Hannibal is that chef.

The few things that fell flat for me in this blended plot structured action/horror flick are simple and only minor irritations at best. First Andrew Cymek's direction and vision for this story was awesome but his portrayal of Johnny Morgan came of a little more comical than I think it was intended. The second thing that seemed to take way from the story was the under utilization of the twisted and dark doctor of Parker's Asylum. William Davis as a sinister figure is commanding. He is evil incarnate on screen and I would have rather seen more of his character as well as the iron wolf suit than all the flashbacks to Johnny Morgan's past.

"Medium Raw: Night Of The Wolf" has a lot of good qualities to entertain. The gore and blood is there and great quality effects. The acting for the most part was believable and the haunting air of the Christmas holiday gave an added darkness to the film that I loved. The soundtrack played out perfect with the scenes and helped to bring the emotion outward. The asylum could have had a stronger story with more face time for the other killers but oh well. The fact is "Medium Raw" gives us a holiday gathering that only Hell could conjure.
December 21, 2013
Loads of blood and gore, especially for a TV movie, in this horror movie where serial killers are sentenced to an asylum for the criminally insane. There are several different kinds of serial killers shown here, and they all get a little time in the spotlight when the power goes off and their cells unlock. The acting is only fair, but I found this quite watchable.
October 30, 2013
The film has a lot of shortcomings, not being very interesting is one of them, poor acting another. I will give it points for trying though. It's also good to see William B. Davis is still alive and kicking.
½ April 20, 2013
The wooden acting and odd alternate-universe, meets horror, meets Comic book qualities makes this movie a complete flop. It doesn't seem to know what it should be. And again, the C rating acting is distracting. Combine that with the incredibly staged production design, costume design and direction, it makes for an incredibly lame movie that was doomed from the get go. Poor casting, poor direction are it's major faults.
½ February 7, 2013
Mabel is funny. Besides that, yawn.
½ December 25, 2012
This is a film with a story driven on by plot holes so huge that what the viewer sees only becomes plausible in an alternative universe in which human intelligence never evolved at all. We get cops who never call for backup, a mental hospital that shackles its inmates with shock collars that deliver enough voltage to make their necks smoke, an alarm system that doesn't notify anyone in the outside world when it goes offline and releases a building full of cannibals and psychotic killers, and human beings who can perform feats of strength after having multiple four inch wide swords driven through their abdomens. The screenplay was apparently written by one of the characters in the movie; it's simply incoherent, as is the editing. There is at least one scene for which there is no explanation, as if some other scene explaining it had been cut out. Don't even try to comprehend the dialogue or the "explanation" offered for the actions of the villain in the climactic "let me give you a long lecture instead of killing you" scene. Medium Raw is truly half baked.
October 6, 2012
Wasn't bad despite the horrific acting from the lead actors. Good spin on the old trapped in the sanatarium routine and your detective murder mystery.
July 28, 2012
Could be pretty cheesy at times, with poor acting, but for the most part I was amused. The wolf armor itself was fairly menacing.
½ July 14, 2012
Worst film in the history of cinema. Pure poo
Super Reviewer
½ July 13, 2012
This movie started out great and had such potential, but like many similar films, it eventually falls flat. In the beginning, we are introduced to a killer known as the wolf. Using Little Red Riding Hood as a tool, he's been on the loose for decades. At the same time, we are introduced to a local hospital for the worst of the worst of the criminally insane. This part of the film, was pure genius, as they came up with criminals that are the things nightmares are truly made of. Eventually there is a power failure at the facility and both stories are brought together to make up a rather less than exciting conclusion. The film started out being so unique and tremendous, but eventually becomes nothing more than a slasher film, it was truly disappointing. As for the cast, they were all a bunch of no-names, but they did an adequate job. The really upsetting thing about this film was just how quickly it went from a gem to a turd, it's like the film was written in parts by two separate people.
June 26, 2012
120625: Ah, free Super Channel. This movie really sucked me in at the beginning as the intial scene between Jamie (a psychologist) and √¬ĘMabel√¬Ę√,¬? (a cannibal) was so intense. In some respects this film is very neat but, unfortunately, it suffers from terrible acting and poor dialogue. I really enjoyed some of the characters, in particular "The Wolf" (the primary bad guy & serial killer of young, female children) & "Bull" (a massive, tattoo√¬Ę(TM)d killer who gets agitated by the colour red). The Wolf's costume was down right cool and I found myself looking forward to Bull arriving on the scene, you know he√¬Ę(TM)s going to do some damage. Brigitte Kingsley√¬Ę(TM)s (Jamie) physical attributes are no doubt why she√¬Ę(TM)s in this film but it can√¬Ę(TM)t distract you from the previously mentioned poor acting. I found the sound quality really added to the films intensity and I wished I had the ability to explore the asylum; it seemed like such a neat place. There's also a cool use of lighting but, for the third time, I just couldn√¬Ę(TM)t get myself around the poor acting. It√¬Ę(TM)s too bad, as this serial killer does Little Red Riding hood tale could've been a classic. Still, it's good enough to make me want to seek out the first in the series. Perhaps it's better?
May 5, 2012
*face palm* the best part is encountering the foot fettish guy who deserves an Oscar for dealing with the rest of this horrible cast. blah.
½ December 31, 2011
A few creepy images and decent cinematography do little to elevate Medium Raw. Badly written, poorly performed, and mostly boring, Medium Raw is a completely derivative, uninspired, and lame piece of serial killer cinema that makes great claims for itself and its aesthetic without ever being able to match them with any kind of substance.
½ December 31, 2011
Entertaining, but certainly not great. The mystery of the Wolf was intriguing, and the characters of the criminally insane were quite good, but the acting of the main character (who was also director) was really lacking. Also, seeing two WWE wrestlers and a side character from Buffy was pretty neat.

Medium Raw just didn't gel together well. The ideas were there (and very good ideas too), the characters were interesting (although some acting was suspect), and the setting was top notch. Too many times it felt like the actors were acting instead of being the characters.

Still worth watching though. Nothing beats an asylum movie.
½ November 25, 2011
I don't know what to make of this. Only thing I can say from reading the description for the movie, I was like, put the DVD in. I was disappointed though, greatly disappointed. Such potential and it becomes a total failure. One thing to say or ask.....Batman: Arkham Asylum?...Lmao. When I read the description, that game came to mind which is why I wanted to see it and even a game with that type of setting was more scary than this movie!

Was hardly scary, hardly a mystery and hardly suspenseful. I really don't know to make heads or tails on this because along with equal amount of bad things about it, there are some good things. First off, the design of the wolf was genius! it just looks creepy even if your some little boy. Then his tools and gadgets were awesome. That's about the only thing I like. The other Asylum's inmates were genius too. You have bulky guy that hates red, a cannibal, a funny one that like toes, ok, so they creepy too. So it was kind of creepy here and there. Its just the killings and suspense though. Wasn't gory enough either. They were horrible. Like they were times the inmates would confront one another and you be looking forward to a showdown and don't even get a preview.... The acting was horrible too.

So, yeah, so much potential but was executed wrong. If I had made this, some parts in the beginning would have been taken out to get you to the Asylum as soon as possible. Plus pump up the level of killing. Other than that, I do not have a really great review for this in the end. It was...I don't know, could have been much much better. The trailer was better than the movie its self!
November 19, 2011
Jamás supe si esta película era de terror o era cómica, sinceramente película de mala calidad, bajo presupuesto y pà (C)simas actuaciones, creo que ni para ver en casa
½ November 6, 2011
The build up, is quite chilling but overall it was incredibly weak. Acting-wise, John Rhys-Davies, does his best to push the pace but his fellow cast members, fail to follow.
½ September 17, 2011
Such a waste of time!!!
½ September 16, 2011
some of the worst acting ever... predictable ending...waste of time...
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