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Megadeth - Behind the Music Extended Reviews

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August 9, 2013
Probably the best rockumentary out there.
½ November 17, 2010
What is there to say really? It's amazing that Mustaine and Ellefon are still alive... Well, technically, Mustaine was legally dead for a minute. It begins as the 'standard' rock story (booze, drugs, and chicks), except there is a truly interesting dynamic between Mustaine and Metallica that exists throughout the much of the Doc. It's the later years of Megadeth's lifespan that separates Megadeth from other metal bands. Mustaine's life is one of a haunted man and his seemingly 'impossible' reform is seriously inspirational. This Doc led me to revisit a band that I haven't listened to since my early teen years at the gym and (along with watching a show from the recent Rust in Peace tour) I've gained much respect for the band and it's music.
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