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½ May 21, 2011
Perfect "awful disaster movie" to celebrate the end of the world!!!
½ May 9, 2011
next up!!!! my cheesy disaster Film evening!! ...Im sure this movie will be Oscar material!!
April 17, 2011
I enjoyed how bad this one was.
April 16, 2011
Brittany Murphy piqued my interest in this, but I shouldn't have bothered. I can't honestly tell you what the movie was about, because ten minutes into it, my eyes glazed over with boredom and I stopped paying attention. If you've seen one lame sci-fi disaster movie you've seen them all, and this isn't even a particularly well-produced one, so the effects don't really give it a leg up either. Skip it.
April 2, 2011
interresting i did indeed like this movie was a good one for us "event lovers" hehe
½ February 26, 2011
I simply couldn't watch the whole thing. Faukty acting, faukty fx, faulty filmwork, fuakty scripting....i
½ February 6, 2011
One of the worst films EVER. Terrible science, terrible acting.
½ January 27, 2011
It's a testament to how far the career of the late Brittany Murphy had fallen as her last final starring role was in a original Syfy film, albeit one of the better ones. Megafault is utterly ridiculous and completely implausible from start to finish yet still manages to provide some light entertainment.

The film opens up with a demolitions expert blowing up a series of mountains (just why he would be doing that is never explained) which somehow manages to trigger an enormous earthquake which threatens to rip right across the entire US. This is put down to a mega fault in the earth's crust and it's up seismologist Brittany Murphy and our said demolitions expert played by E.R's Eric La Salle to try and save the day with the help of the military and a satellite capable of creating earthquakes. Yes, their plan is to stop an earthquake by creating another one!

Well first up, given that it stars Murphy, La Salle and Bruce Davison of X-Men fame, the acting is mostly above average for a SyFy movie although not even this lot can make some of the awful dialogue sound good. The effects are what you would expect, mostly dodgy looking although there are some very good effects work when it comes to showing destroyed cities. The story is utterly ridiculous and will have any physicist tearing their hair out but there can be no doubting its entertainment value. As will all SyFy movies it zips along at a nice pace and provides plenty of action. It all gets a little sillier as it goes along, the climax will have the laughing your head off at how stupid it is, but remains fun throughout. The dialogue is rubbish and the effects not great but everything is ok in this entertaining piece of rubbish.

Anyone who watches a SyFy original film will have an idea of what they are letting themselves in for and MegaFault doesn't disappoint. Utterly ridiculous throughout but entertaining, at least Brittany Murphy fans can be safe in the knowledge that her final film was one of the better SyFy originals.
½ January 24, 2011
It was all right. I am surprised how bad the acting was with this cast.
January 23, 2011
it's so bad, it may be entertaining. just sit in stunned silence while this true disaster of a movie unfolds. it's like an accident you can't drag yourself from watching even though you know it will haunt you. we spent a long time after the credits, rolling back to watch the really bad scene again and again
½ January 15, 2011
Brittany Murphy in one of her last roles playing a seismologist chasing earthquakes which are tearing across America and creating one huge crack in the world and she only has 24 hours to stop it along with her sidekick Eriq La Salle of ER fame in tow. Oh dear! Words cannot express the dire wreck of a movie this was. Halfway through I was already wishing the earthquake would win just to finish the film. I did however get a lot of shopping done in my head whilst it was on so something positive came out of it.
½ January 13, 2011
awfully cheesy even for a sci-fi movie
½ January 11, 2011
well what can i say, has to be one of the worst films i have ever seen. The acting was appalling and i have no idea what the slow motion bits were all about but they were ridiculous, it was just very bad.
½ January 11, 2011
I am SO sorry I rented this movie. Preposterous plot, science, premise! I can not believe that Murphy, Davison and LaSalle wasted their time with this film. I didn't expect much, but this was so much worse than those expectations. The only redeemable thing about it is the acting. While not stellar, they tried their best. With such terrible material, directing and plot foundation, it's surprising how good the actors were. Cheesy, horrible FX was the dried cherry on top....geez. Ground surface blasts creating a mile deep canyon?! Mountain tops leveled by explosions! I need to stop. Mentioning all that's wrong would take days.
January 9, 2011
in case you're having a deja vu, you might recall the plot from a South Park episode "Volcano", including redirecting the disaster towards Denver ;)
½ December 29, 2010
An element of entertainment through truly shocking special effects
½ December 28, 2010
Wooden acting, weak plot and very poor cgi.
½ December 20, 2010
Horible. So bad low budget movie.
½ December 19, 2010
typical sort of disaster flick...but a wee bit worse... i just couldn't get used to Brittany Murphy(who i love) starring in a non-comedic role...she should have stayed away from drivel like this...
December 16, 2010
One of the worst disaster movies I've ever seen. Rubbish special effects.....
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