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Melancholia Quotes

  • Justine: Six hundred and seventy eight. The bean lottery. Nobody guessed the number of beans in the bottle.
    Claire: No, that's right.
    Justine: But I know. Six hundred and seventy eight.
    Claire: Well, perhaps. But what does that prove?
    Justine: That I know things. And when I say we're alone, we're alone. Life is only on earth. And not for long.

  • John: Those bitches have locked themselves in their bedrooms and are now taking baths. Is everyone in your family stark raving mad?

  • Tim: The way I see it, you're now short of a boss and a husband, could I, in all humility, offer my services? You have the ideas. I have the head for business. We could be the perfect couple. We've had good sex.

  • Jack: Too bad about Tim.
    Justine: What about Tim?
    Jack: That he got fired. he didn't last many hours in the business, but then again, it's a rather unpredictable one. You're a king one day and beggar the next.

  • Justine: If your dad said that, then he's forgotten about something. He's forgotten about the magic cave.

  • Claire: it looks friendly
    Claire: It looks friendly.

  • Justine: The Earth is evil. There's no need to grieve for it.

  • Justine: The earth is bad, life in this planet is horrible. There's nothing to grieve for,

  • Justine: If you really think I'm afraid of a planet, then you're too stupid.

  • Wedding Planner: I" can hire half of the working class to kill the other half." Jay Gould 1890's Robber Baron & Strikebreaker
    Wedding Planner: I can hire half of the working class to kill the other half. Jay Gould 1890's Robber Baron & Strikebreaker

  • Justine: You know what I think of your plan? I think it's a piece of shit.

  • Justine: It tastes like ashes.

  • Gaby: Enjoy it while it lasts. I myself hate marriages!

  • Justine: Life is only on Earth. And not for long.

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