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Men in White (National Lampoon's Men in White) Reviews

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½ January 11, 2017
You'really going to want to use "the flashy thingy" after seeing this turd. I saw it once as a kid and it is still lodged in my mind as the reason Fox Family is dead.
½ March 26, 2016
This is not a movie, this is a shit ! XD
½ July 24, 2014
Alien abduction / invasion comedy. Pretty good for what it is.
May 6, 2012
i cant find this movie any where, can someone help me find this movie
October 2, 2011
Awful spoof of the obvious.
April 26, 2009
Everyone- you simply MUST see this. It IS the Citizen Kane of sci fi films!! And I don't say that lightly.
April 2, 2009
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