Men in Black II Reviews

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March 8, 2018
There are just enough fresh, funny gags and witty throwaways to keep the 88-minute "MIB2" percolating.
April 18, 2007
The down-home satire of how we cope with cultural difference has evaporated, replaced by jazzy effects that wear out their welcome by the halfway mark.
February 9, 2006
The movie's smart, funny and fairly forgettable.
November 25, 2002
It isn't without a modicum of felicitous charms.
August 9, 2002
A mixed bag of a comedy that can't really be described as out of this world.
August 3, 2002
After five years, the chemistry has curdled.
July 14, 2002
This is effective button-pushing sci-fi entertainment, but you won't need to be neurolized to forget it.
July 11, 2002
If the first Men in Black was money, the second is small change. But it still jingles in the pocket. It's fun lite.
July 10, 2002
Men in Black 2 might be a retread of the first one, but I still say it's worth seeing. The stars are great in this.
July 9, 2002
The hang-loose grodiness of [the Men in Black films] has its charms, and the Ray-Banned team of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, at its best, is good vaudeville.
July 3, 2002
They're going through the motions, but the zip is gone.
July 3, 2002
Large budget notwithstanding, the movie is such a blip on the year's radar screen that it's tempting just to go with it for the ride. But this time, the old MIB label stands for Milder Isn't Better.
July 3, 2002
The predictable effort makes the movie seem longer than its audience-friendly 88 minutes, and the script deficiencies account for the high number of alien and human supporting players.
July 3, 2002
Men in Black II, with its agreeably slipshod feel, is even slighter than the 1997 original, but as summer blockbusters go, it's shameless fun.
July 3, 2002
In every way an improvement over the original Men in Black.
July 3, 2002
Instead of inhabiting the same world of his original, the delightful 1997 Men in Black, or inventing a new world, this update kitschifies it, rendering it into a silly joke.
July 3, 2002
Although the sequel has all the outward elements of the original, the first film's lovely flakiness is gone, replaced by the forced funniness found in the dullest kiddie flicks.
July 3, 2002
It's fun while you're watching it, but you may well feel as if Smith obliterated your memories of the flick five minutes later with his neutralizer.
July 3, 2002
Runs a quick 80 minutes and yet it still feels padded.
July 3, 2002
Instead of the fresh comic concept of the 1996 blockbuster, we have a calculated piece of product: a lightweight, occasionally laboured copycat skewed to a younger children's demographic to move the action figures and video sales.
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