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August 14, 2019
MIB3 is entertaining but forgettable, even without a neuralizer!
August 13, 2018
The narrative loses almost all momentum as it haphazardly staggers from one uninspired plot device to the other, displaying clear signs of an undercooked, chaotic screenplay.
October 23, 2017
It's a cold fish of a film.
November 9, 2016
Let's give Smith, Jones and Sonnefeld a pass for going back to the well one too many times. But if they go for a MIB4, the pity party is over.
June 30, 2016
What could possibly go wrong with this formula? Threequel-itis, that's what. MIB 1 was great, MIB 2 not so much, MIB 3-just not cuttin' the mustard.
May 3, 2015
A decade-late three-quel anticipated by nobody.
June 2, 2013
It's not a totally unpleasant way to spend an escapist evening, but considering the talent involved, 'MiB3' should have been more out of this world.
January 8, 2013
The script was enough of a mess to stop the shooting for high-priced rewrites, but you know what they say about washing garbage.
September 24, 2012
The third time is supposed to be the charm, right?
September 10, 2012
Like so many sequels, "MIB3" lacks the charisma of the original "Men In Black."
August 22, 2012
At some point in the future, probably not more than a couple of weeks, you'll realize that you barely remember seeing it.
July 17, 2012
It's summer movie smack, and it leaves you hungry only for more of the same.
June 23, 2012
Nowhere near as exhilarating as the first, a triumph compared to the second, Men in Black III offers one sci-fi alternative to a moviegoing summer front-loaded with caped avengers in tights. But not much more.
June 15, 2012
Beneath all the polish -- and Will Smith's considerable charm -- is a mediocre, lazily written story.
June 11, 2012
Not even a melodramatic last minute twist or a reminder of race relations from half a century ago can inspire us to feel much for this parade of cheap humor and intentionally gaudy special effects.
June 3, 2012
Though there are a few highlights, surprisingly, megastar Will Smith isn't one of them.
June 2, 2012
As far as unnecessary sequels are concerned, Men in Black 3 is a serviceable addition to the series.
May 29, 2012
Most of the special effects are repeats of those seen in the first "MIB" movie and the only new element is Brolin's amazing performance as the young Tommy Lee Jones.
May 28, 2012
Lackadaisically conceived splooge.
May 28, 2012
A lazy, paceless lump of special effects and zero laughs
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