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December 16, 2016
reminded me of 1931 WB's 'Night Nurse"
½ September 30, 2012
The 1930s version of "Gray's Anatomy". This is the earliest hospital drama that I know about. It's got a great cast, particularly Myrna Loy, who's always been a favorite of mine, but the film is pretty dull.
½ March 21, 2012
Men in White (1934)

This is a very good hospital melodrama based on Sidney Kingsley's Broadway play. It stars a pre-mustached Clark Gable as Dr. George Ferguson, an over-worked intern at a major city hospital. His dream is to graduate and work under the tutelage of Dr. Hochberg (Jean Hersholt) in Vienna, but he is also engaged to a rich socialite, Laura Hudson (Myrna Loy) who loves him but is tired of the many hours that George works at the hospital.

There is a part in the movie where a Dr. Levine (played by a very young Otto Kruger) commiserates with George about the amount of time taken away from the ones you love for the sake of the medical profession. He is losing his wife due to a lung disease.

Dr. Hochberg's work is his life, dedicating to saving lives, and advancing medicine. He sees that same dedication in Dr. Ferguson. He tries to explain this to Laura but she's spoiled and must have her time with George, preferring that he start his own practice. When George breaks yet another date she makes other plans.

George wants to please Laura but he is a conscientious doctor. Lonely, he reaches out to a young nurse Barbara Denham (Elizabeth Allan) who shares his feelings about dealing with daily life and death situations. There is an indication that they became intimate.

Later George must do an emergency surgery on Barbara with the implication that she poisoned herself. Some have said that it's an abortion, but it's only a day since the kissing scene. Laura is in the operating room and realizes what happened and has left George. Now George is considering marrying Barbara instead and maybe even abandoning the medical profession all together.
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