The Men Who Stare at Goats


The Men Who Stare at Goats

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Though The Men Who Stare at Goats is a mostly entertaining, farcical glimpse of men at war, some may find its satire and dark humor less than edgy.



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Reporter Bob Wilton is in search of his next big story when he encounters Lyn Cassady, a shadowy figure who claims to be part of an experimental U.S. military unit. According to Cassady, the New Earth Army is changing the way wars are fought. A legion of "Warrior Monks" with unparalleled psychic powers can read the enemy's thoughts, pass through solid walls, and even kill a goat simply by staring at it. Now, the program's founder, Bill Django, has gone missing and Cassady's mission is to find him.


George Clooney
as Lyn Cassady
Ewan McGregor
as Bob Wilton
Jeff Bridges
as Bill Django
Kevin Spacey
as Larry Hooper
Stephen Lang
as Brigadier General Dean Hopgood
Stephen Root
as Gus Lacey
Robert Patrick
as Todd Nixon
Waleed Zuaiter
as Mahmud Daash
Glenn Morshower
as Major Jim Holtz
Nick Offerman
as Scotty Mercer
Tim Griffin
as Tim Kootz
Rebecca Mader
as Deborah Wilton
Jacob Browne
as Lieutenant Boone
Elsa Villafane
as Gus' Mother
Fawad Masood Siddiqui
as Kuwait Waiter
Samuel Ray Gates
as Journalist #1
McCaleb Burnett
as Journalist #2
Sean Phillips
as Vietnam Soldier
Matt Newton
as Vietnam Private Chris
Minh Tu Van
as VC Woman
Robert Curtis-Brown
as General Brown
Robert Curtis Brown
as General Brown
Hrach Titizian
as Kidnapper #1
Shafik N. Bahou
as Kidnapper #2
Christopher Maher
as Iraqi Driver
Drew Seltzer
as Technician
Donn Lamkin
as Lyn's Father
Sean Curley
as Lyn (12 years old)
Michael Aragon
as Insurgent
Morse Bicknell
as Ben Echmeyer
Terry Serpico
as Krom - Phil Driver
Wiley Pickett
as Krom - Texan
Wiley M. Pickett
as Krom - Texan
Diego Serrano
as Krom - Chilean
Regi Huc
as Krom - 3rd Security Man
Kevin Geer
as CIA Agent
Kevin Wiggins
as Major General Jack Gillian
J.J. Raschel
as Clifford Hickox
Aaron Shiver
as Norm Pendleton
Arron Shiver
as Norm Pendleton
Jaime Margarida
as Major General Pendleton
Steve Witting
as PSIC Worker #1
Hunter Bell
as PSIC Worker #2
Edward Holley
as Army Soldier
Christopher Robinson
as Stryker Soldier
William Sterchi
as Bob's Editor
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Audience Reviews for The Men Who Stare at Goats

  • Sep 10, 2019
    "Now, more than ever, we need the Jedi!" The Men Who Stare At Goats is a quirky, offbeat comedy based on an exposé of the US Army's research into the paranormal. When war journalist Bob Wilton has a chance meeting with a contractor in Afghanistan he learns about a secret US military program to train "Psychic Jedi" to develop their mental abilities in order to conduct psychic warfare. The film features an all-star cast that includes George Clooney, Ewan McGregor, Jeff Bridges, and Kevin Spacey. And, the comedy is really well-done; with a number of funny bits and clever satire. However, the plot doesn't really go anywhere and kind of falls apart at the end. While it has its moments, The Men Who Stare At Goats is all over the place and lacks a cohesive message.
    Dann M Super Reviewer
  • Jun 07, 2012
    What the hell have I just seen? The plot of the movie it's like weird and all over the place. 1 hr 30 min of a movie that really seemed much longer. And I just don't like George Clooney, sorry, I just don't see the special that everyone in Hollywood talks about.
    Andreia C Super Reviewer
  • May 26, 2012
    I found her quite entertaining, the story may not be the maximum and at times may be quite rare and confusing, but I like it. The characters are not the strongest point but they are nice. The cast is spectacular, top players have unfortunately not used to its fullest, but that's ok. At the end is a rare movie rarely gets laughs, but is acceptable, entertaining and have a good time.
    Rodrigo R Super Reviewer
  • Dec 02, 2011
    I really enjoyed this. It was funny, well acted, and such a insane and cool story it was fun start to end. I love all the Jedi references with Ewan McGregor (Obi Wan).
    Bradley W Super Reviewer

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