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½ June 10, 2011
This was ridiculous. One long and continuous eye roll. The music only made this movie more laughable. It was a mix of lousy lounge music and jazz. Stay far away. Unless you seriously want to waste some time. So the other week I decided to start watching Jennifer Jason Leigh movies.. that's how I stumbled upon this one. Funny thing is her character was even acting like this movie was ridiculous. Plus I had bought a few large VHS lots on Ebay a few years back. I was organizing them today and found out I owned this VHS all along, remembered the movie after seeing it on her IMDB page a few weeks back. So thankfully I didn't even have to search for this movie to watch it. Hahaha.
January 30, 2011
Classic well acted craziness.
April 29, 2010
This movie is not appreciated widely... I don't care... I still fucking loved it!
November 27, 2009
One of those morbidly watchable so-bad-it's-good films, with some hilariously bad dialogue, music and naff 80s fashions. For five minutes it becomes a different film, when Jennifer Jason Leigh shows up and nearly scorches the screen.
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