Merci pour le chocolat Reviews

November 29, 2002
The big finish is a bit like getting all excited about a chocolate eclair and then biting into it and finding the filling missing.
October 24, 2002
Like being invited to a classy dinner soiree and not knowing anyone. You leave the same way you came -- a few tasty morsels under your belt, but no new friends.
October 17, 2002
The film flat lines when it should peak and is more missed opportunity and trifle than dark, decadent truffle.
October 15, 2002
Its captivating conundrum is as subtle as a jackhammer.
October 5, 2002
A non-mystery mystery.
August 10, 2002
July 29, 2002
Every potential twist is telegraphed well in advance, every performance respectably muted; the movie itself seems to have been made under the influence of Rohypnol.
May 22, 2002
Chabrol has taken promising material for a black comedy and turned it instead into a somber chamber drama.