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June 13, 2009
It was not what I expected.
December 29, 2008
although this is an older movie, it is one worth watching over and over. All of us have those past issues that haunt us, but this movie reminds us of God's mercy and grace and how He freely extends it daily. I love David White in this movie. Stacy Keach has a small role that adds a touch of humor but is so relevant to every day life.
May 21, 2008
It's like most of Eric Roberts movies, not very good... But I like the man, so I won't give up.
October 19, 2007
A bit too preachy, the characters lack sunstance and it's a little too spiritual for my taste. Overacted and generally uninteresting.
½ January 8, 2004
"Mercy Streets"
All right, we all know what torture "Christian" movies can be, they tend to be cheesy, no solid storyline, no character development, and absolutely boring. "Mercy Streets" is different. I admit that compared to most mainstream movies it's not amazing, but it's not bad. And compared to the majority of Christian films it's groundbreaking. The director is young, but good, he has a good feel for how to tell this story. David White did an admirable job at playing two completely different roles, in fact, I can't think of an actor that doesn't get over $10,000,000 per film that could do better. Pretty much every element is, at the very least, done admirably well, not amazing, but good.
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