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May 23, 2011
An Early work of the great Theo Angelopoulos and a reference to the origins of the aesthetic establishment he created later. the long static shots, the lonely trees in a vast landscape, the long walks,the sea,the ruins, the blue color, the symmetric artificially-staged movements of actors. all of these are to be found in this film.
Although the story takes place in a very specific political phase of the modern greek history, it has many elements that make it enjoyable without going into too much details or needing a certain background. I just love Angelopoulos!
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October 4, 2009
Part I of A Trilogy of History by Theo Angelopoulos:

The particles of 20th century Greece being here,in an attempt to observe,spy and subsequently organize the scattered hopes of the ancient legends.Suffice to say Angelopoulos re-defines history as we know it,it's hilarious to find out underground schemes and corrupt authorities damaged a (non-existent) state of union!!!
That is,regardless of the politicians,ignorant of the prosperity of the state nor of the rebellious inmates,struggling for their voice to be heard against a totalitarian nation (Metaxas the "prime minister" was ready to rule with the 4th of August Regime),not even the main protagonist of the drama exaggerates.
½ December 3, 2008
Politics symbols. Cleistophobia of the prison is drawn parallel to the dictatorial regimen of '36 Greece. Some powerful scenes, but mostly slow & sublime, making Meres tou '36 at times disengaging.
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