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August 8, 2018
Successfully pulling off impressive animation and mature themes, "Metropolis" combines stunning visuals with a politically charged allegory.
March 20, 2018
Filme interessante, me lembra Akira.
½ February 17, 2018
The movie was really really good, the animation in the entire two hours was amazing...but...that last part, they used a poor excuse for that damn ending. There's a lot of wrong things in those last 20 minutes.
I stoped to understand why she got crazy for no damn reason and It was because of the bullet, but still, the fact of her taking the choice to be a gun it's dumb, even if she didn't had feelings for those minutes It makes no sense that the most logic choice was "destroy them" since she was being blackmail with her human Friends! I don't know, maybe for some people the ending was good but to me that was an excuse for an exciting ending that no one really asked for.
August 3, 2017
Rintaro really teared the classic up, and through in a stupid remake! Transforming into a anime is a bad option, come on!
June 24, 2017
One of the most beautiful underrated anime films I have ever watch.
This film needs to be more recognized.
And I would support it!
½ April 24, 2017
interesting futuristic animated cartoon that leaves you with the idea that there will be sequel at the end.
February 8, 2017
Interesting mix of animation styles from early Disney through tin tin and shades of Ghibli. Great English score including songs by Ray Charles. The clashing styles can be distracting at time but I really enjoyed it.
½ October 8, 2016
Extremely overrated if you ask me. The art designs are so bad, and the cinematography is unbelievably confusing the whole time. It's not good.
½ May 8, 2016
One of the greatest animated films ever made.
March 24, 2016
Releitura do clássico dos anos 30 conta a história de uma andróide perfeita que está prestes a mudar o mundo, mas que acaba se apaixonando por um garoto comum. A qualidade da animação é incrível, mas o roteiro deixa um pouco a desejar.
½ February 18, 2016
Me gustó, empieza muy bien pero decae. Muy buena música y muy buenos escenarios.
½ February 13, 2016
No será un filme tan redondo, pero, Metrópolis de Osamu Tezuka, resulta ser un festín visual espectacular, en la que tanto narrativamente como visual y sonoramente están impecables. y los personajes, no hay queja alguna, al menos en lo personal.
Una de mis películas de animacion favoritas en general.
½ January 31, 2016
Overlooked, stunning, and underrated.
January 26, 2016
Just watched half of it for a class at UBC. Such a visually beautiful film!
½ December 3, 2015
one of my favorite animated films. Stylish and the music is phenomenal.
½ November 18, 2015
With an awesome art style, fluid animation, creative visuals, a terrific Jazz soundtrack and one of my favourite climaxes in any film ever, this is definitely an underrated gem!
November 3, 2015
This one of the most unique sci fi animated movies I have ever seen. It centers around the future in where it looks pretty much as where once pictured it. The story is pretty simple: Rule the future with a robotic girl who has no idea who she is. The characters are very interesting in my opinion. Especially the antagonist Rock and the main character Tima. This film reminded me of the consequences humanity can cause itself by inventing robots who look like humans because the biggest question I have asked myself and will keep asking is this: Can robots feel emotions and have feelings as we humans do? And why shouldn't they? Tima to me reminded me of David from the movie: Artificial Intelligence, and to me they both feel real even if they are both robots. But what I really admired about them is how they view the world surrounding them and ask us: What does it mean to be human? And why does society built something that they eventually regret? Robots in this case, because they go against them and question their purpose. I really loved this movie very much. It's masterpiece in the place of sci fi movies and it earned it! This movie is one I will treasure forever!
May 6, 2015
The animations and visuals are truly stunning. A level of detail I've never seen in any other animated movie. I really can't imagine the time and patience it had to take to make. Besides being a piece of art, I really didn't care that much about the story and its characters. If it wasn't for the eye-popping visuals, it wouldn't have kept hold of my interest through the whole movie.
April 3, 2015
This is a difficult film to judge, since it definitely delivered the symbolist, aesthetic, and authentic, look of the Osamu Tezuka-style (the futuristic Metropolis and the seemingly post-apocalyptic underground society were superbly drawn and deserve to be ranked among the best settings in anime), and succeeded in preserving the philosophical complexity of the story, which was actually perfected by Tezuka not in "Metropolis" but in his magnum opus "Astro Boy" (thank God it was not a Hollywood production, otherwise the human-robot story of this film would have been surely "dumbed down" to get more money from the American audience and more hatred from manga lovers. The characters and the relationship between them were also depicted with utmost affection from the film-makers, since their appearances, and feelings, were paid equal attention, which made them look real, and feel real (yes, even the robots!). Still, the film to me has an unfortunate sense of emotional detachment, which makes "Metropolis" a film to admire but not a film to feel, and to enjoy. Maybe this was due to the temporal constraint of animation in comparison with the lengthy freedom of manga, which led to the inadequate character development and emotion build-up before the abrupt climax in the end. The tempo of the film is also a little bit troublesome, with some very energetic action sequences alternated by slow yet emotional scenes (often submersed in a wonderful jazzy or old-school music environment) without a real smooth transition. This is the reason why the ending, in my opinion, did not give the audience the necessary feeling of sympathy and regretfulness (the deviation of the plot from Tezuka's manga to Fritz Lang's film maybe also another reason, since Katsuhiro Otomo often has issues with the script due to his sometime-too-strong authorship and creativity). Still, the ever-attached sense of admiration followed the audience throughout the film and this alone is enough a reason to watch, and re-watch, "Metropolis". If only "Astro Boy" were made by this same team instead of those crappy Hollywood studios...
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