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September 22, 2012
I like this christmas movie because it is a cartoon .
December 29, 2011
The characters look great computer-generated, and I really liked everything about it.
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½ December 23, 2011
I enjoyed it, my siblings and I always watch it together.
February 20, 2011
Great kids movie.... but I'm sick of it. It's February ... 3 months straight all my kids will watch. The CGI animation is very good in this one -- best I know of for Mickey Mouse... way beyond the clubhouse series.
michael e.
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½ December 21, 2010
It is nowhere near the classic that the original was, but it still is enjoyable with great stories, but my only gripe about the whole movie is that they could've made it all hand drawn like the original, which is the only problem why call it a sequel when it isn't even the same art form
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December 8, 2010
I liked the original one way better. I hate the weird computer animation that looks really cheap.
November 2, 2010
i watch this on toon disney every christmas
October 14, 2010
All of the segments are highly entertaining, a visual treat and enjoyable.
½ June 3, 2010
This 65-minute film will have kids enjoy for hours and hours.
June 3, 2010
Some really nice stories on Christmas from Disney characters. There is a warmness of the characters specially where Mickey and Pluto are involved. Good animation in 3D. Overall they were all entertaining stories.
June 3, 2010
These are great Christmas stories for children. I give Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas ****.
June 3, 2010
This isn't your father's Disney. The original Disney franchise players now reside in the Land Where Everyone is Nice, preschool toons rendered in kiddie-grade Pixarish 3D. Mickey always was a little wimpy but even Donald has been completely Dippified with the Evil Daisy Duck pussywhipping him at every opportunity. He was a WWII hero for chrissakes, selling War Bonds to defeat Der Fuhrer. Goofy, who was in some very funny sports cartoons (usually a whole bunch of Goofys vs. a bunch of other Goofys), has become a caricature of himself and his goofiness has been choreographed without a shred of humor. Huey Dewey & Louie can't stay conniving for more than 30 seconds without guilt spoiling it all, while Pluto would be better off on Animal Control's 3 Day Plan. Its not pretty, what they've done to these old Toons.

The only way to reclaim my interest after this would be Donald doing his popular 'Who's Your Daddy?' with Daisy sparking his enthusiasm. I'd like to see someone with a duckbill pull that off :eek: They could've made it an Easter egg, being ducks after all. I can give this one a 6 because kids like it. They don't know any better.
June 3, 2010
No review available.
½ June 3, 2010
i may have hated the three musketeers but when i saw this i thought: im gonna torture myself again! its gonna be horrible, dull, boring and all that nonsense, but... it was enjoyable to watch! the animation is nice, the humor isn't random anymore, it has a creative story and its just... charming! this film was WAY better than the three musketeers. but the story can be a little bit dissapointing. its not the best mickey film, but its still awesome. bottomline: this film was actually pretty good.
January 23, 2010
direct to video crap
January 14, 2010
sure to become a Christmas classic.This dvd is a must for Christmas
December 24, 2009
It didn't really have the charm of the first one in my opinion and the animation was kind of weird to me
½ December 6, 2009
5 segments featuring Mickey and friends during the holiday season
December 2, 2009
think I've seen this
February 18, 2009
The 3D animation takes some time to get used to when you are used to the beautiful 2D hand drawn goodness. I never got used to Duey, Huey and Louie being 3D, they just looked very off. Pluto also moved weird at times, almost way too slow.

I thought the stories was too simplistic and didn't offer any re watch value, but it wasn't was bothered me most.
It was just how cruel the characters were too each other. It's awful for me when I like the episode with Goofy's son Max the best, because I hate Max to the core!


The stories are divided by a couple of short-stories in a pop up book. All the episodes are animated in decent 3D graphics.

First, Minnie and Daisy are going to a skating contest. Daisy accidentally steps up on the ice when they announce that Minnie should skate, embarrassing Daisy, so Daisy becomes jealous and decides to ruin the event. Daisy uses Crocs from Fantasia to boost her skating performance, and Minnie uses the hippos, which I thought was cute.
Cute ends there though. Funny never takes place. Basically Daisy and Minnie try to outdo the other by doing better and better stunts, but in the end, Minnie trips on something and falls flat on her face. it really made me go "ouch" and she wasn't getting up right away.
Strangely enough, the episode ends in 30 seconds after Daisy walking up and simply saying she is sorry, making her and Minnie best friends. Huh?
I guess in the world of magic, when your face doesn't get badly scratched from falling flat on your face on ice, you don't care. Seemed like they quickly tried to end the episode.

The next one didn't make sense to me. Huey, Duey and Louie steal cookies, makes a mess, destroy stuff for people, then Uncle Scrooge tells them they won't be on Santa's "Nice list" = no christmas presents. Uncle Scrooge tells them he never got on the christmas list himself, because he is "Selfish and Rich", and the brothers says "We wanna be rich and selfish too!". Hm...
The brothers decide to break into Santa's workshop and put their names on the list anyway. Of course, there they accidently break and push over stuff. Asked for help from the elves, they just ignore the mess.
Eventually they steal the key to the room with the list, but then realize they don't deserve gifts, helps clean up the shop and return home. Santa, who almost had everything ruined, rewards the boys with toys.
What message does that send to kids?
"You can act like an a**, but make it up in the end and all is fine."
The episode ends though strangely, because the brothers has put Uncle Scrooge name on the nice list, so he gets a bagpipe as a Christmas present.
That is also way wrong, obviously the dude didn't get presents for a reason!!

Then there was a short about Max coming home for Christmas with his new girlfriend, and he feels embarrassed about his dad being a goof all the time.
This episode doesn't have so much talk, but a really cheesy pop song playing how "Max feels". And as I said earlier, I didn't like the animation, I hate Max to the core AND I hated the cheesy pop song.
Still, this is the best of the episodes, though it didn't have a Christmas feel.
It looks really sweet when Max leaves the house in anger, but regrets his decision when he sees that his girlfriend has a lot of fun with his dad.

Next episode, Donald is fed up with christmas and all he wants to do is drink a cup of hot chocolate and relax. And frankly, that stupid song "We wish you a merry Christmas" got on MY nerves too, so I completely understood him.
But instead of letting him spend 10 minutes drinking his chocolate, Daisy and the Huey, Duey and Louie comes over, and they force him to come with them to have "Christmas spirit". Daisy says he needs to spend time with family and friends.
But why not let him just drink up the hot chocolate first? Or drink some with him?
Seemed really stupid.
Donald joins them, but obviously not enjoying it, he tries to buy some hot chocolate, but for some reason he looses it. Then he looses his temper at the constant singing of "We wish you a merry Christmas" song playing EVERYWHERE.
He gets trapped in some kind of christmas show display, smashes it to pieces, and then the curtains reveal what he has done to the audience, including Daisy and the brothers. Dissapointed, they won't even talk to Donald and Daisy calls him selfish.
Who's selfish?
Anyway, to make up for his mistake, he conducts a quire to sing that awful song, so that everybody sings it and everyone becomes happy.
No hot chocolate though!

Last episode, Mickey is decorating the house and Pluto, being a dog you know, becomes very impatient, because he got nothing to do. All he gets to do is putting the star on the tree. Mickey is way too busy doing his stuff, so he leaves Pluto really bored. (why not take him for a walk? Play with him?)
Anyway, Minnie calls on the phone, Mickey asks Pluto to stay, but of course Pluto go grabs the star and manages to almost burn the whole house down.
Mickey gets pissed off at him, and it almost looks like he is going to smack Pluto, and sends him to the doghouse.
While Mickey goes shopping for new stuff, Pluto runs away from home.
He ends up with Santa's reindeer's, and of course the most obnoxious "adopts" him. Mickey realizes Pluto is gone, goes look for him, and of course Pluto starts to miss him too. Santa reunite them and all ends happy.
Kinda pointless episode.

This is definitely not something I would wanna watch again, especially not at Christmas. Glad I watched it after Christmas.
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