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½ August 19, 2017
It isn't about race as much as it is feminist or exposé on middle class life; it seems strictly an examination of life without a man and a midlife crisis and thus it becomes very much about race in a rarely seen way.
September 27, 2015
Way too earnest to rise above mostly being dull. Toussaint is characteristically excellent and glimpses of DuVernay's skill are on display, but it somehow turns valuable subject matter lugubrious.
September 7, 2015
Wow. I was truly impressed by this movie. The small details of the film are what stood out for me. Ava touched on facets of black culture that aren't always portrayed seriously in film and deserve to be. One of my favorite directors right now.
Super Reviewer
July 3, 2015
A woman suspends her life to support her imprisoned husband.
There is without a doubt something profound, personal, and authentic about this film, which is to the credit of Emayatzy Corinealdi and writer/director Ava DuVernay, but the plot is plodding and slowly rendered. it's hard to make an exciting film about waiting, so part of the film's problem is the story it's trying to tell. Nevertheless, the film has important things to say about gender roles, race relations, and personal growth.
Overall, Middle of Nowhere tries to rend the most out of its actors and story, but the film's pace ultimately dooms it.
½ April 11, 2015
'Middle of Nowhere' is Ava Duvernay's stunning, first major film. Duvernay's has a brilliant knack for directing actors and quiet, intimate scenes. Whether in a bus, a prison visiting room or in the bedroom, this movie breathes and lallows the story to be told patiently. There is a dinner scene in this movie that is quietly intense, well acted and finally powerful. This movie also has a poetic quality to it.
March 16, 2015
With powerful performances and subtle and skilled direction, Middle of Nowhere is a moving portrait of what the prison system does to families. It's a film about strong women, by strong women. With its dulled color palate, director Ava DuVernay wants to remind audiences this isn't just a film, this is so close to reality. And the performances elevate the material to that level as well.
February 19, 2015
The movie was great but I felt like it was dragged out for too long & left some questions unanswered. Overall I loved the concept of the film, of how women tend to put others before themselves.
February 19, 2015
acting was excellent... story was very slow
January 18, 2015
Exceptional! And real.
½ January 18, 2015
Just couldn't sit through it.
½ August 15, 2014
Very real...Amazing how some can't remain loyal to someone who has been down for them through thick and thin...Sad but true...Some just can't recognize a good thing staring them in the face....
½ May 6, 2014
i am very deseperate to find this film. any critics who has already rated this film please help me locate a copy. Thank you!
½ March 22, 2014
Not my kind of movie at all, but very well done.
½ March 1, 2013
Beautiful! Now where is the Kleenex?
February 10, 2013
Wake me when this painfully pedestrian, predictable, paltry chick flick is over. Good acting, nice photography, for a sleepy sleeper that takes epic amounts of time to achieve absolutely nothing interesting, original, or engaging. Damn, I shoulda seen Argo....
February 7, 2013
very good indie film about a woman dealing with her husband's incarcration...well acted and written. good direction as well.
December 29, 2012
Wonderfully excellent motion picture that deals with a subject matter not fully explored in filmâ??a journey of discovery for an African American woman.
½ December 12, 2012
This is a minimalist character drama which focuses on the tribulations of a young woman living in Los Angeles whose husband is serving a prison sentence. It chronicles her financial, familial, and romantic struggles as she does all she can for her husband on the outside amid few joys and numerous setbacks. The film has a laser-like focus on the main character, Ruby, as she deals with an unsympathetic court system and a loving but also somewhat unsympathetic family. The drama is restrained but the characterization is also somewhat undercooked in this film made up of many small moments, mostly disappointments for Ruby as well as for the audience.
½ December 6, 2012
A compelling relationship drama about the internal struggle between loyalty and moving forward.
½ November 26, 2012
Such a good movie, highlighting one more ugly side of our excessive incarceration system in the US and its disproportionate effects on African Americans (in this case the females that are often left outside of prison when males are locked up).

And it's key that the director is the first African Am. female to have won Best Director at Sundance--she deserved it, for sure, and we even got to hear from her when she spoke via Skype on the big screen after the film. She apparently interviewed over 100 Afr. Am. females with boyfriends/spouses in prison to help make the story as authentic as possible. So good.
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