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March 5, 2017
Midnight in Paris is arguably Woody Allen's best movie in years.
½ March 4, 2017
Interesting concept, outstanding cinematography, and pretty well acted, but like Café Society (another Woody Allen movie) the final act disappoints.
March 3, 2017
For me, the enjoyability for Midnight in Paris comes from its love for both art and history (two of my passions from school). I love this film. While some may call it a romantic film, the real chemistry comes from Gil (Owen Wilson) and the city of Paris. If you enjoy history, the arts, or the city of lights... Midnight in Paris is definitely a film worth watching.
½ March 1, 2017
Midnight in Paris is the definition of whimsical. It's a film that revels in nostalgia and aching, existential romanticism--that is, until it isn't.
February 21, 2017
Grade - A
'Midnight in Paris' is an exceptional film, beautifully written and directed and featuring fantastic performances from everyone involved, especially Owen Wilson. It's a movie that I not only loved but related to in many ways. Highly recommended.
½ February 16, 2017
Yang paling membahagiakan, kisah film ini tidak hanya berusaha untuk memberikan pemecahan solusi, tetapi juga memberikan sebuah jawaban bagi tokoh utama film ini. Tetapi ingat, setiap perpisahan tidak berarti buruk, itu dapat menjadi sebuah awal yang baik, seperti yang ditampilkan film ini.
½ February 2, 2017
Pretentious nonsense.
½ January 30, 2017
A lot of cheesy predictable romance films begin in a way that isn't believable and then proceed to build on unstable ground. Midnight in Paris is guilty of such a flaw, beginning with characters that have no reason to be in the same world with each other. It simply gives too much away and throwing in engagement guarantees infidelity. Why could it not have been a single man, a writer, who gets lost in the soul of Paris and finds love? Why not? Tell me! The stakes can be just as high. His character is a romantic, Paris is Paris, and the fantastical elements in the movie are winning to say the least. Travelling back to meet the giants of literature and art along with their less famous secrets and flings is a brilliant journey for a soul-searching writer. Add the talents of Woody Allen and a delightful cast and the movie is quite charming and easily scoops you up into a fantasy that makes you yearn for richer and simpler times yet reminds you that the present is a gift and should never be wasted. We can use the gift of the time we have to leave our mark on the world in ways that serve others.
January 1, 2017
It's not a good movie to watch
½ December 25, 2016
Pretty minor Allen, elevated by Darius's beautiful wides and masters (the one-shots and close-ups are typically awkward) and the second half's subversion of all the nostalgia-worship that was happening. Rachel McAdams and her family are awful caricatures, and not in a funny way, either.
December 24, 2016
It's basically time travel in a more artistic way, an art history review to 20s century and la Belle Époque. The best summary I can think of is from F. Scott Fitzgerald: 'So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.'
December 17, 2016
Watch it. It's beautiful. Full stop.
December 17, 2016
In my opinion -- Midnight in Paris was an instant classic, even before finishing the film. I may of course be biased in my review, seeing as how Owen Wilson is one of my more favored actors. However, Midnight In Paris has a sentimental, sweet, charming, nostalgic, smooth and light tone to it. Something so beautiful, and soulful. It warms your heart watching it. The colorful characters, and small humors make this piece a joy to watch. The soundtrack was an absolute beauty. A literal symphony to the ears. In it's own way, Midnight in Paris makes all of us question our lives. Whether we really believe we are here at the right time or not. Although the ending is not what I would have wanted to happen, and some things are left unanswered. It is still enough of a closure to satisfy my thoughts on the future of our beloved protagonist. I struggle to find the right words to describe this lovely film. And that's what it is. Just lovely. 5 / 5 stars. Instant classic.
½ December 17, 2016
Reconozco que no soy el mayor fan de Woody Allen y que cuando fui a enfrentarme al visionado de esta cinta, iba sin ninguna expectativa, incluso escéptico.

Puede que fuera por eso que la pude disfrutar tanto. O quizás sea por sus grandes interpretaciones, repleta de actores conocidos haciendo un gran trabajo. O por su fotografía y diseño de producción que consiguen transportarnos del Paris moderno al clásico casi que lo podamos percibir. O por su fino humor y canto a la nostalgia (al mismo tiempo que nos regaña por dejarnos llevar tanto por esta).

Es sin duda una cinta inspiradora, y debería ser vista por toda persona que tenga cierta inquietud creativa.
December 16, 2016
Loved this film. And I loved the concept. You really feel Allen's appreciation for Cinema and Literature.
November 30, 2016
The best of what can be called, "the New Woody Allen Phase". On Blu-ray.
November 24, 2016
Only moderately overrated.
November 20, 2016
An enchanting, beautiful, mesmeric tale and Woody Allen's best film of the last decade.
½ November 6, 2016
Puntaje Original: 7.0

Woody Allen nos ofrece una magnífica obra de arte, que aprovecha perfectamente para criticar la insatisfacción creativa actual de la sociedad.
November 1, 2016
What a screenplay,Mr.Allen.
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