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½ April 7, 2017
When we live what we see when it resonates and unearths our ambitions. When we love other things we see when it's our companion. When others like seeing other things to not be completely sold on the idea. When we like seeing other people when they like what we like and enjoy seeing us as much as others then we naturally see that some like seeing us and others are not completely sold on seeing us further. When we must see to it that we reassure those we are seeing. When what we see we must be sure when somethings are an illusion when we prefer things other then our current realities. When what see we know a lot about when we are knowledgeable or make the impression that we are. When what we see we like more and more of. When what we see we don't know if they appreciate the finer details. When we had enough seeing we wish we knew where we are headed with some ideas, when we get lost in our fantasies. When we see that we are wanted and highly praised by some people when others don't see us.

When we can't believe whom we are seeing when it's impossible. When you need to see what some people are fantasizing in order to see why they love somethings. When you actually feel, see and embrace your fantasies as if you are there you appreciate more staying in your fantasies when the realities of this continuing sounds great. When see places that we enjoy and love we all wish they could take us to the root of our love for it. When we see all people we admire, that inspire us we get the honest opinions if what great works think about our work that make us more confident and open about our work. When we see that great advise comes from a library of all people whom amounted to so much that we can't compare, that naturally we know what we are lacking. When it's everything we would expect and see in our idols. When we don't see what others see when our tastes are different and prefer a more fancier & fun lifestyle. When what we see trensends through space and time that makes us think when and see in an instant or for along while. When what others see they like, when they see eye to eye with us. When somethings we see we don't comment when it's uncomfortable. When we see that some people are more dedicated in their work to notice us. When we dont see what others are up to care. When we see that we both have different views that we rather see different things. When we see that our views and what we see font matter when there is no point talking. When somethings we see don't change when Stars and the greats only go for other stars and greats to ever notice the small people. When we see that we have high expectations when we think that the greats would have the time of day for us. When what we see we are interested in when other aspects disinterest us. When what we see we can't live without when our views are so deep it hurts.

When we need others to see for us when we don't know where we venture. When we don't see somethings that are staring right in front of our eyes when we rather see other people in high places. When we see that we are rewriting history when our name is in the books for an entirely different reason. When we are all note worthy to see why the greats want to see us. When we can't wait to see those whom we see our equal when we eye to eye with some people. When we can't see we assume when we come to logical conclusion. When some things we see we don't see eye to eye with when they don't see our perspective when it's overlooked, underlooked, misinterpreted, does resonate and just didn't meet up to our expectations in what we thought we would see. When some people we see, we are a perfect fit, when some people resonate to those whom resonated to them and passed down to us that shape what we see in how they see that we are able to see the world and feel the world the way we like it with someone. When we see the imperfections of what we see that we never take that final hurdle we are eye to eye with our doubts and in calculated moves when our emotions seems to point out the ridiculousness in our reasoning and logic that halts us. When we see our place is here when we don't see eye to eye on everything when we are unhappy. When we see some places we dulge our fantasies want us to stay when it keeps us alive and vibrant, immortal throughout the ages, when we only want to see is someone appreciate and value us as much as we see it. When we see someone like us for who we are that they like what they see.

When we don't see or know how the human brain can manifest such genius in people's works that we continue to see on far. When we see how every artist created such great works their own way when their views didn't only consist seeing with their eyes but embracing the world with all senses of their body. When we just needed to see parts of us in greats to know we have in us to see ourself great amongst them.

canvas and reality inside a frame in a world of self expression. what age of art period do we live in? is it really a golden age or the best we have of a present. how does the artist want it's art remembered or even themselves. sometimes works of art is unpredictable has no sure outcome like it's artist and it's time.
½ April 5, 2017
Something about time travel just makes me happy.
½ April 3, 2017
it was ok if you like Owen Wilson. I can only take him in small doses.
March 30, 2017
This film is fascinating close to a perfect film in my opinion. I love everything from the city the plethora of interesting characters and the music is simply magical. Owen Wilson was perfectly cast for this film his natural boyish curiosity with a touch of hopeless romantic paired with Adams and family's polar opposite realistic outlook makes for some interesting dialogue. This is one of those films that takes you on the journey and I was completely on board with 1920s Paris. I haven't watched a film and felt so lost in the fantasy and characters since I was a kid. A film that will endure through time for me.
March 15, 2017
Pleasant enough, but multiple times during the movie I asked, what is the point of this movie? I'm still not sure. Rachel McAdams character is terrible.
March 13, 2017
I enjoyed this film. A little slow at times, but Owen Wilson is excellent. The movie has a charming quality remnicent of an upbeat Twilight Zone episode. I think that there is a great deal to unpack and take away from this film. Patient viewers will not be disappointed.
March 11, 2017
Very good, enjoyed it a lot. Saw on Netflix and I would recommend to others.
March 9, 2017
Mysterious, romantic and time traveling! What if you could go back to Paris in the 20s? And hang out with Picasso, and Hemingway, Fitzgerald and even fall in love with people from the past? Possibilities are endeless! Midnight Paris! Check it out!
½ March 9, 2017
This movie drove me up a fucking wall.
½ March 9, 2017
Putting aside the comments that this is not the best film by Woody Allen, we really have to see what he says substantially. The story conveys tenderness, humor, and love at all times, and the handling and complexity of the dialogues ensure that the story is directed to those who already have previous knowledge of outstanding writers of the early twentieth century. Full of purity and magic, the film is intent on capturing a series of dreams, which carry us and make us pursue with more force what is desired. It is not perfect, however, it is already one of my favorites. Allen knows what he does, in his dialogues, in his personal projections and perspectives, and all of this is achieved through a graceful, ingenious and enlightening plot that, although it can or not be of the style of everybody, it must be observed with attention and must be felt with the mere face of a young, dreamy and passionate thought for the arts and for the desires we long for. 94/100
March 8, 2017
Midnight in Paris is a lovely tribute to the city with some good fun and a whole lot of Woody Allen.
March 7, 2017
Look who just got added to my top five favorite movies of all time.
March 5, 2017
Midnight in Paris is arguably Woody Allen's best movie in years.
½ March 4, 2017
Interesting concept, outstanding cinematography, and pretty well acted, but like Café Society (another Woody Allen movie) the final act disappoints.
March 3, 2017
For me, the enjoyability for Midnight in Paris comes from its love for both art and history (two of my passions from school). I love this film. While some may call it a romantic film, the real chemistry comes from Gil (Owen Wilson) and the city of Paris. If you enjoy history, the arts, or the city of lights... Midnight in Paris is definitely a film worth watching.
½ March 1, 2017
Midnight in Paris is the definition of whimsical. It's a film that revels in nostalgia and aching, existential romanticism--that is, until it isn't.
February 21, 2017
Grade - A
'Midnight in Paris' is an exceptional film, beautifully written and directed and featuring fantastic performances from everyone involved, especially Owen Wilson. It's a movie that I not only loved but related to in many ways. Highly recommended.
½ February 16, 2017
Yang paling membahagiakan, kisah film ini tidak hanya berusaha untuk memberikan pemecahan solusi, tetapi juga memberikan sebuah jawaban bagi tokoh utama film ini. Tetapi ingat, setiap perpisahan tidak berarti buruk, itu dapat menjadi sebuah awal yang baik, seperti yang ditampilkan film ini.
½ February 2, 2017
Pretentious nonsense.
½ January 30, 2017
A lot of cheesy predictable romance films begin in a way that isn't believable and then proceed to build on unstable ground. Midnight in Paris is guilty of such a flaw, beginning with characters that have no reason to be in the same world with each other. It simply gives too much away and throwing in engagement guarantees infidelity. Why could it not have been a single man, a writer, who gets lost in the soul of Paris and finds love? Why not? Tell me! The stakes can be just as high. His character is a romantic, Paris is Paris, and the fantastical elements in the movie are winning to say the least. Travelling back to meet the giants of literature and art along with their less famous secrets and flings is a brilliant journey for a soul-searching writer. Add the talents of Woody Allen and a delightful cast and the movie is quite charming and easily scoops you up into a fantasy that makes you yearn for richer and simpler times yet reminds you that the present is a gift and should never be wasted. We can use the gift of the time we have to leave our mark on the world in ways that serve others.
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