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½ August 27, 2012
interesting premise and great homage/throwback to classic cult 70s horror flicks. about midway on the scale between similarly themed argento/bava film "demons" and john carpenter's moh episode "cigarette burns".
½ August 13, 2012
Midnight Movie feels more like a slasher out of the 80's or early 90's rather than being only a couple of years old. There isn't any overly great failures up on the screen in this film, but there aren't any great successes either. This is an average, low budget horror film that has decent acting, writing and effects. The only above average thing going on here is the story, or more specifically, the idea behind the story. It is fairly original in the grand scheme and allows for some interesting situations and set ups. These situations, unfortunately, aren't all that common throughout the film. This is a watchable and mildly entertaining movie, but not one that will impress or amaze. A very mild recommendation for horror fans, but most others should probably stay away.
June 11, 2012
One of the coolest and best slasher flicks I've seen in along time! Cool killer! Great amount of blood and Gore and just a different kind of Idea.
May 15, 2012
At a run down theater in a sleepy suburban town, a group of friends attend the midnight screening of a 1970s cult horror film. These unsuspecting teenagers are unaware that the director and star of the movie made a bloody escape from a psych ward five years earlier and may still be on the loose.

As the midnight movie begins, the kids heckle the old black-and-white scenes. But they are jolted when the killer butchers one of their friends...on screen! They soon realize that the killing is not a prank. They are locked inside the theatre and the killer from the movie is after them!

Caught between reality and the screen's flickering shadows, are they becoming the unwilling stars of the very horror movie they are watching?
April 18, 2012
It was pretty good. But gross:P
April 14, 2012
Fun and original. Check it out.
½ April 9, 2012
Pretty cool idea for a horror movie, guy writes and directs and stars in a horror movie that is rumored they actually killed the people in the making. The guy gets locked up in a mental hospital and later escapes when a doctor shows him his movie in an attempt to cure him. Ya he kills everyone in the hospital and escapes. Some time later a movie theater shows the movie and the killer shows up but he's not entirely there, I won't spoil anymore.
½ February 3, 2012
Great fun for slasher fans! Very surreal. I wish it had been longer.
February 2, 2012
Resembles alot to the 1990 flick "Popcorn". This film is one of the better slasher flicks thats come out recently. Nice little gem with an 80's touch with it.
January 23, 2012
"The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" meets "The Purple Rose of Cairo" in a botched B-flick that takes a mildly interesting idea and executes it very badly. Rife with internal inconsistencies, continuity goofs (watch the wounds on the biker chick disappear between shots as she's dragged away), and poor acting. A child actor has a particularly bad time in this regard, but the whole cast is so stiff that it's hard to say he takes anything away from them. The idea of a Leatherface-like serial killer who steps in and out of a film isn't a bad one, but this flick really goes off the rails when it tries to bring us into the "cinematic" world. That and the whole "the monster can only hurt you if you're scared" bit wear out fast. Best not to lose any sleep tracking down this Midnight Movie.
½ January 7, 2012
It's a good horror/ slasher flick but I HATED the ending but it was good.
January 2, 2012
Very entertaining! Clever premise, if completely far-fetched. Definitely held my interest!
December 27, 2011
went out looking for a good horror movie and this one was surprisingly entertaining, throughout the movie your kept on the edge of your seat and the gore factor is good for a low budget movie.
½ December 25, 2011
Terrible... Just terrible. Bad acting good looking people... You spend half the movie yelling the location of each of the characters to the killer... And when he finally find them, the money shot is cut off. Just plain terrible. Best/worst quote: I smell fear. Don't waste your time,. This isn't even worth a laugh.
½ December 19, 2011
A mostly stupid but also entertaining piece of self-conscious horror, Midnight Movie concerns the screening of an an ultra-rare exploitation film that supposedly contained real murders. The plot that plays out does not always make sense as it blends the supernatural together with the slasher in ways that are kind of just dumb. Still, the film is entertaining for those who are amenable to bad horror films. Watch John Carpenter's Cigarette Burns, Lamberto Bava's Demons, or Bigas Luna's Anguish for more sublime and intelligent variations on a similar plot.
December 19, 2011
Its was quiet ok ..........but friday the 13th was much better....
November 4, 2011
Not bad - could've been better. The acting sucked rather badly and I wished they gave us more background on who the killer was before he created a movie he could enter and exist at will and how he transported others back and forth from real life to the movie. Otherwise, a great soundtrack and bloody murders.
October 31, 2011
I tried so hard to like this movie but well i couldn't. This tells the story of a man who kills people by coming out of a movie and then he takes them into the movie to be trapped forever. This was, at first, an alright movie. It looked like it could be very good but after a few minutes this movie was boring and pretty pointless. This movie is kinda gory but the gore is that really crappy fake gore. You can tell not a lot of work went into making this movie. The acting is so so and pretty bad. You can tell the directors tried to create dramatic scenes but failed dramatically. I would say don't see this movie.
October 26, 2011
Decent low budget horror film.
October 22, 2011
This film, while not a gamechanger, may be silly but it's the first modern horror film I can truly call fun. It does so with relative ease and thrills and spills.
People gather into a small old 70's theater that manages to still be in business. It's screening a scary movie - so scary in fact that it killed people. Turns out that the killer in the movie can also go into the real world. Wow!
Anyways, that's an awesome idea! Not to mention, it works because of its ability not to take itself so seriously. Cool kills, actually decent acting, tight direction, and a meta-script that feels FRESH (looking at you, SCRE4M) are why you should stick around for this overlooked slasher. The killer is pretty badass, I'll have to say. Plus, the nostalgia of watching midnight movies will win you over. It has a few decent jumps and scares amidst the predictability and easy-to-ridicule flaws.
The special effects were very corny, especially the electrocution scene. Also, the victims are still dumb as ever... When will they ever learn? Plus the ending seemed abrupt.
Nothing new to the genre, but a very pleasant getaway from the "Saw" and the "Paranormal Activity" and the-- you know all that junk kids watch these days. Excuse my Bill Cosby impression. Nonetheless, this is spectacularly fluffy horror that warrants a great time... if you don't mind the random blood puddles on the floor.
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