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January 8, 2018
stupid movie, i hated it
June 23, 2017
Interesting premise with some cool twists. Feels really cheap and a product of its time, but it's quite effective little horror flick. I may be biased though, as I've liked it from a young age.
March 5, 2017
Why such negative reviews on this movie?
December 8, 2016
of course it wasn't a good movie per say but hey l love child killers...
September 24, 2016
Not without its positives, but certainly with a healthy dose of negatives, Mikey was banned in UK on it's release, and has remained controversial to this day. It has the visual quality of a TV movie, and the acting chops of a middle school play. The eponymous child character is acted so poorly that it's nearly impossible to get truly invested in what he's going though. Rather than portraying a kid whose mental state is deteriorating, he simply switches jarringly between behavioural extremes. The other actors aren't as bad, but none of them can contribute much to a story so implausible. Why was Mikey's self-harm not taken more seriously, and why were the police never called when he went crazy? It's also quite incredible how completely useless the adults are when it comes to defending themselves from a skinny 9-year-old, not knowing how to do simple things like running or hiding. It does have some creepy moments, and while the score sounds recycled from every other horror film from the time period, it is still effective in heightening our apprehension. I wouldn't watch it again, and if I knew what I was getting into beforehand, I probably wouldn't even have watched it in the first place.
February 12, 2015
Not a single believable moment here, and the lead simply isn't a talented enough actor to make us scared of him. A single star because at least it's all done with a degree of professionalism.
October 1, 2014
"Mikey" (1992) is one of these painful thrillers where a young innocent kid with a caring family turns evil! This was considered to be the "The Bad Seed" of the 90s, not a good one at that and it even has a laughable tagline: "Freddy and Jason were kids once too!" Yeah, and so was Michael Myers! Brian Bonsall plays an 10-year old kid named Mikey Holt who lives with his foster parents and their 5-year old daughter, Beth. Here's where the film gets really hard to sit through! At the beginning of the film, he started lighting papers on fire in the garage with Beth until he was caught by his mother, Grace Kelven and yelled at him. As for revenge, he took Beth's doll, she chases him and threw it in the swimming pool. Beth tries to catch it while on the diving board with Mikey jumping around until she felt in and drowned. Then, Mikey went to his mother in the bathtub, dumped an electric hot dryer and said "you don't love me anymore", while been electrocuted and killed. After that, his father arrives and you wouldn't believe this, he slips from the silver marbles, crashing into a glass door window and Mikey smacked him in the head violently with a Baseball bat.

Soon the police includes Detective Reynolds and a social worker, Katherine arrives on the scene and found Mikey hiding in the closet, thinking that a man came in and killed his parents. Give me a break! 8 minutes into the film and I was ready to punch a hole on the screen! But I didn't! So I continue with more when Mikey was at the Doctor's office, lying to the doctor about man in the house. Grace's sister, Casey didn't want to adopt him (can you blame her after what happened to her sister!) so he wounds up moving with another adoptive parents named Rachel and Neil Trenton. Things were going out well with Mikey's new family, he has a friend named Ben, goes to a new school with a teacher, Shawn and Neil teaches him with archery, who's very natural with a bow and arrow, he even draws a picture of a swimming pool as a symbolic of being good. Mikey was a good kid for a while until the "marble" incident at school where he wants to win a prize and couldn't! That's where things starting to get even ugly when he drew a picture of a turkey chopping of a pilgrim's head with an axe, as Shawn announced to Jenkins that he has "Unattached Syndrome", a psychotic problem which makes the child more evil than ever. So now, Mikey has taken the matter of his own hands as he goes on a series of killing activities. He kills Ben's older sister, Jessie's cat, Rosie after videotaping her with her boyfriend David, being upset with jealously because he loves Jessie so much and thinking it was David's fault for accidentally ran over her cat by his truck, dumping an electric Radio on the jacuzzi and electrocuted David. A few days later, Shawn talks to Detective Reynolds on the phone about Mikey's case and sees the police reports on Mikey's murdered adoptive parents since the Oklahoma City Police have unsolved evidence and closed the case. Later, he faxed over a copy at school that morning, Jenkins got a call and is told by Neil that Mikey and Ben won't be at school today due to the "accident" at Ben's house. Oh, and here's more as the many scenes followed, he kills Rachel by pushing her at the balcony, shoots an arrow at Jenkins and oh my god, he even slingshots a marble slowing up on Shawn's face, shooting up blood anywhere and drags their bodies into the dining room with a child skeleton and turns on the oven and once Neil comes home with a Surprise, he saw them on the dinner table, he screams and Mikey throws a flaming bottle in the house and explodes leaving Neil dead with them. As the police and fire department arrives, a local fireman questions Ben, Jessie and their mother about what happened in there and mentions about a 10 year-old kid there. They wondered if Mikey was dead.

So a couple of a days later, we found out that Mikey is suffering from amnesia and was named "Josh" and ends with another foster parents in a typical here-we-go-again cliche, saying "Are you gonna be my new mommy and daddy?"

This is without a doubt the worst child killer movie I've ever seen and I saw "The Good Son", which is way worse and even many followers like "Orphan". No wonder it was banned in the UK, no one wants to see a child killing somebody. The film was shot like a bad TV Movie of the Week and it shows, filled with cookie cutter dialogue, bad acting, ridiculous and pointless scenes, poorly edited, and a wasted talent of Brian Bonsall, who was so good in "Family Ties", did enjoying him later in "Blank Check" (I know not many people like this film, but it was certainly better than this!). He was a great child actor that sadly deserves so much better than this dreaded material! BTW, I met him once in 1991 with my brother Jason in L.A. during the "Dance Outreach" program supported from my elementary school. He sure was cute as a button back then though. Now as an adult, he fallen through hard times. I wonder how he really felt after making this movie, I'm sure I wouldn't know. The film was directed by Dennis Dimster, an actor and director who did TV appearances and later directed "Wicked, Wicked Games" and "Double Identity" (2009) with Val Kilmer. This must have been his earlier project that simply have gone to waste! It was a direct-to-video release in the U.S. on September 23, 1992 and saw it at very young age. And, to this day, it's still horrible! Don't waste 90 minutes of your time, watch something better!
½ December 15, 2013
Totaly hilarious. The cute kid (Andy) from Family Ties took a career leap into the dark genre of serial killer movies. Fortunately, with not so clever grown-ups.
October 5, 2013
I discovered this movie as a Star Trek TNG fan, curious of what ever became of Brian Bonsall. A 10 year old serial killer... how could you go wrong? Perhaps I'm being a bit harsh in my review of this film. I guess my sick deviant mind just craved more blood. The plot works, and the big plus is that this film actually has a plot. The story is set up nicely and allows for a window in to the troubled mind of Bonsall's charactor. After a great opening I felt the film dragged a bit, but as with all thrillers the last 20 minutes more than makes up for it. Worth checking out but not a film you'll tell your friends about or rush to see again.
½ July 27, 2013
Scariest 10 year old I've ever seen, disturbing film - one of the only few still banned in the UK today. Worth a watch if your constitution can take it.
½ February 4, 2012
A child killer makes this film worth watching at all costs.
October 7, 2011
OK, so here's the thing; this movie is kind of repellent, rather stupid but also pretty effective. Basically a twist on The Stepfather with a prepubescent psycho at the center,who just wants to be loved. It's not nearly smart enough to be a full-on satire of the thriller genre, but there are hints underneath of a more thoughtful (or more intellectually scathing) film.

As it stands, the production is totally amateur hour stuff and hopelessly mired in early 90's kitsch. Performances are all over-the-map, but there are patches where things really work - the drippy adoptive father, Bissett as the good-natured "bad-girl" next door. Even Bonsall is oddly endearing at times. But the script feels the need to fall back onto rote thriller tropes and turns the tyke into a quip-happy kill machine and the adults, who have been blissfully ignorant of Mikey's behavior, lose all brain function in the last 10 minutes in order to execute the last reel blood bath. Pity that.

Still for what it is, it kinda works.
December 21, 2010
he.s like the good son its cool movie
½ October 2, 2010
Fun kid-from-hell movie is entirely predictable but is saved by a game cast (gotta love Ashley Laurence) and some solid death scenes. The ending doesn't completely make sense (the skeleton in the house?!) but the movie held my attention and made me want to kill the little boy. Also, I admire horror movies that aren't afraid to kill off children. So there ya go.
July 11, 2010
This is a unique film in that it's the most recent film to be banned in the UK. Clearly, it's because the lead actor who is only nine years old kills multiple people in the film (including a cat.) Right off the bat, the films sinister side shows its ugly face with the believable Mikey killing his foster family. The rest of the movie works but ultimately feels like a TV movie. Yes, it's unusual and there are a couple moments where I was shocked but in the end, I was left feeling underwhelmed and a little bored. The child who plays Mikey is good though.
March 17, 2010
Twisted movie, one I wish I could find on DVD. Brian Bonsalls intereptation of this character was very good.
½ February 19, 2010
If you enjoy the type of story where a psycho killer is running effortless rings around everyone else in the cast, then you may get a thrill from this movie. Those were the days....
November 11, 2009
As a kid, I hated this kid. Saw it when I was his age. Freaked me out a bit. But only seeing it as a kid was it really any scary, or good. Still, it's one of those take me back to my childhood ones.
September 21, 2009
Bad. Even seeing the kid from Blank Check kill people does not make it worthwhile. Not even close. The best part of the movie is Josie Bissett (from Melrose Place) being hot and telling him he's a good kisser. That's weak. This movie is weak.
½ August 7, 2009
I remember seeing a trailor of this film on a scary video i used to own years back i have always wanted to see it. After Orpan has been advertised Mikey came back to my mind and i thought I'd download it and give it a go. Probably a very scary film for it's time but these days this film is more humerous than anything else. Some parts are slightly shocking as you think "can a child really be this bad" I've satisfied my curiosity and i won't be watching it again.
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