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½ July 23, 2009
I saw this on cable years back. Orphan seems like it will be a bit like this and if it is I don't wanna see it. This movie was too violent and twisted for my liking.
½ May 15, 2009
oh, i remember this one. beware of Mikey, he will kill you with an aluminum baseball bat or even a slingshot. pretty captivating plot but executed in a tv movie manner. worth watching, so watch it!!
January 8, 2009
Watch out this kid is crazy!!!!!!!!!!!! The really name of this film should be Why not to be a foster parent.
November 27, 2008
umm i never saw it hey yall hit me up imma new cummer
½ September 21, 2008
[David is in a hot tub with a radio right next to it.]
Mikey: "Life is full of accidents.
David: What are you talking about?
Mikey: The radio... it's not safe.
David: Why not?
[Mikey kicks the radio in the hot tub. David gets electrocuted.]
Mikey: They can kill you."

Nine year-old Mikey Collins hates his adopted family and kills them off, drowning his adopted sister in the swimming pool, dropping a hairdryer in the mother's bath and beating the father's head in with a baseball bat, then blaming it all on an intruder to the police. He is next adopted by Neil and Rachel Trenton to whom he proves a perfect child. However his schoolteacher becomes suspicious and starts digging into Mikey's past where she discovers that Mikey kills off all those that he thinks do not love him. This film tells the story of a different child that sees his world as if it were a horror movie. The story is not told directly from this angle but it can be quickly figured out by paying attention to a few details here and there. This movie is way more violent and disturbing than The Good Son. The Good Son isn't even close to be half as violent and disturbing as Mikey is.
August 5, 2008
I thought it waa a great Suspenseful movie!!!
June 25, 2008
This has got to be the only movie about a killer kid who survived the movie and he is the most succesful having killed 8 people and he is also the most evil out of all of them.
½ June 19, 2008
The plot is promising, but the actor and the awful 90'ish music make this movie a hell to sit through
May 31, 2008
Reminds me of a bad version of "The Good Son" with Macaulay Culkin.
½ April 29, 2008
Brian Bonsall is creepy in this film, shame about the way how he has now turned out.
½ April 11, 2008
This is one MEAN kid!
January 3, 2008
Enjoyable hoping on a sequel, worth a watch
½ January 2, 2008
Oh what a little monster! Not really he's a good kid. The family asked for it.
December 25, 2007
Very original, in it's own time. You won't see many flicks like this in the near future.
November 3, 2007
It's a good movie about a 8-year old boy who kills his foster families and some more people in very raw ways.
July 25, 2007
CLASSIC!!!! Little boy serving justice where justice is due?what could be better?
July 16, 2007
I love this movie, okay this is about little Mickey, he's psychotic vengeful and relentless and he's only 8 years old,he will stop at nothing until he has the perfect family, or else.Brian Bonsall was awesome in this movie, and it also stars a little known at the time Melrose Place resident Josie Bissett.
½ July 2, 2007
Passable horror flick with Family Ties' Brian Bonsall as a foster-parent serial killer. What can I say, I haven't really seen it since it was it was in theatres.
June 26, 2007
bad......the kid kinda reminded me of nader...lol
½ June 3, 2007
this is one crazy little boy...
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