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September 16, 2020
The kind of film that reminds you exactly why Disney has built its studio on telling stories that matter and make you feel better about life.
December 14, 2019
[L]oads the bases with heart, humor and fun and then hits it out of the park for grand slam entertainment.
August 14, 2019
The pace slackens when the location shifts to LA but the performances and the gentle hand with which the subject is directed keep you interested.
February 20, 2019
It may not hit a home run, but Million Dollar Arm definitely does not strike out.
January 15, 2019
Million Dollar Arm makes us want to spend time with its people, and while the movie is successful in many other respects as well, this is its biggest and best victory.
October 10, 2018
The film is comfortable being a textbook pitch, one that brings home game-going rather than game-changing points.
August 22, 2018
With lavish, warm cinematography capturing a magical-looking Mumbai... and some snappy dialogue between Hamm and Bell, Million Dollar Arm might not achieve anything remarkable, but takes a good swing at it nonetheless.
November 28, 2017
Viewers won't be all that surprised by the big moments in Million Dollar Arm, but they will be charmed by its small moments (be on the lookout for Amit's coaching debut).
November 14, 2017
These cliches are handled in such a deft manner by Gillespie as to make the overall package quite heartwarming.
October 25, 2017
The movie certainly found the right screenwriter in Tom McCarthy.
September 8, 2017
Million Dollar Arm is presented in a largely predictable package aimed at tugging on the heartstrings. It takes a while, but it manages to get there in the end.
August 8, 2017
Given its its male-weepy genre, the "inspirational sports movie based on a true story," Million Dollar Arm is surprisingly enjoyable.
June 6, 2016
A well-made, enjoyably predictable, by-the-numbers sports drama.
April 15, 2016
Hamm and Bell have real chemistry together and the supporting players - apart from Arkin's perfunctory performance - uniformly keep pace with the leads.
October 10, 2015
The art of the deal gives way to matters of the heart, giving viewers a game changer both charming and uplifting.
September 1, 2014
Based on a true story, this is one of those relentlessly uplifting Disney movies that mixes comedy and emotion to inspire and move the audience.
August 30, 2014
Jon Hamm turns on the charm and scores a home run.
August 29, 2014
In its own gently comical way, Million Dollar Arm plays up the misunderstandings between Hollywood and India -- as well as the mutual fascination.
August 29, 2014
A likeable and agreeable movie.
August 29, 2014
Though it doesn't offer much by way of freshness, Million Dollar Arm is about as enjoyable as a predictable film gets, thanks to a feel good mix of genuine heart and wit.
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