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The Million Dollar Hotel Reviews

Top Critic
Bob Graham
San Francisco Chronicle
February 23, 2001
It is probably asking too much of this phantasmagoria that it make sense.
Full Review | Original Score: 2/4
Top Critic
Geoff Pevere
Toronto Star
February 9, 2001
If you're looking for a defining Wenders image, try starting with the gloomy angels in overcoats in Wings Of Desire.
Top Critic
Kevin Maynard
Mr. Showbiz
February 9, 2001
An exercise in whimsy.
| Original Score: 60/100
Top Critic
Owen Gleiberman
Entertainment Weekly
February 9, 2001
If any of these characters were half as resonant as Wenders appears to think they are, the film might have seemed charming instead of merely stranded.
Full Review | Original Score: D
Top Critic
David Stratton
February 7, 2001
Audiences partial to this rather rarefied material will find plenty to enjoy in the technically polished production, but those not on Wenders' wavelength will be seriously alienated.
Top Critic
Peter Travers
Rolling Stone
February 6, 2001
The script that Nicholas Klein has conjured from Bono's idea is a quicksand that sucks down a solid cast.
| Original Score: 0.5/5
Top Critic
Charles Taylor
February 2, 2001
There's a vacancy in The Million Dollar Hotel, and it's between Wim Wenders' ears.
Top Critic
John Anderson
February 2, 2001
Pretentious, indulgent, tiresome exercise in star-strutting and seediness.
Top Critic
Elvis Mitchell
New York Times
February 2, 2001
There may not be anyone else who is as capable of romanticizing bummed-out good taste as Mr. Wenders.
| Original Score: 3.5/5
Top Critic
Jonathan Foreman
New York Post
February 2, 2001
Pretentious and trite in a way that you can get away with in a rock song or a music video, but that becomes almost unbearably irritating in a full-length feature.
Top Critic
Kevin Thomas
Los Angeles Times
February 2, 2001
If you're a Wenders admirer and can give yourself over to his gorgeous verging-on-surreal vision, you can come away deeply moved.
Full Review | Original Score: 3.5/5
Top Critic
Ernest Hardy
February 1, 2001
Even alternative cinema god, Wenders, and rock's last great savior, Bono, are doing little more than recycling the material and cardboard people that Hollywood machinery has assigned as the harmless, loveable freaks.
Top Critic
Michael Atkinson
Village Voice
January 31, 2001
Something of a monstrosity -- liquored self-indulgence taken to its own astral plane.