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May 8, 2012
For anyone who's seriously studied theatre, Richard Foreman is a weird and inspiring example of what audiences will put up with. For the rest of us, he's only an oddball footnote.

Foreman has created more than 50 dramatic works, writing and directing supremely kooky plays that constantly confound audience expectation. Heavy on props, visuals and absurd dialogue, loaded with strange costumes, grating noise, and vacillating characters, his plays have nonetheless garnered three Obie awards.

Director Ryan Kerrison does an amazing job getting over 50 interviews to outline Foreman's life, work and inspirations. The editing and illustrations are also symbolic of Foreman's style. mindFLUX doesn't completely give us a sense of what it's like to sit through a Foreman play, nor does it provide a strong sense of what his influence will be in the long run. So, like Foreman's plays, the narrative has some annoying gaps.
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