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August 22, 2015
A little convoluted for a fairly straight forward plot, but great design and some fun action. Plus the Blu-Ray looks great!
September 21, 2014
This is cream of the crop for fans of gore. Great story line.
July 3, 2014
Brucie fights the Netherworld man-eaters & scums of the earth--Post-Apocalypse never looked this 'Evil Dead'!!
½ June 17, 2014
A film that is ahead of its time
½ May 11, 2014
Bruce Campbell and Angus Scrimm star in a film from Fangoria Films that was directed by Steve Barnett of Hollywood Boulevard II and Scanner Cop II fame. Well 3 out of 4 ain't bad.
This film deals with subject matter later made famous by The Matrix and while it doesn't have nearly the budget, Mindwarp is still quite enjoyable.
Angus Scrimm always seems to be the bad guy and he plays it so well. Campbell shows that he might have been a better fit than Keannu when it comes to a Matrix flick... then again, it would have made The Matrix into a very different movie I think.
While not perfect and generally not well known, Mindwarp is good fun with plenty of post apocalyptic mayhem and lots and lots of mutants to bring it about.
October 23, 2013
Potentially influencing #Darkcity and #TheMatrix, Mindwarp will transport you to an alternate reality in the post-apocalyptic future. Picture an amalgamation of the #Wachowski's classic with #MadMax having the television production values of #Firefly and #StarTrekDeepSpaceNine and you'll get Mindwarp. This film turned out to be much better than expected and comes recommended.

October 6, 2013
A young Bruce Campbell gets to (almost) save the day when he rescues poor Judy (Marta Alicia) from cannibals. You know where it's going from there, right? He gets beat up. There is blood and gore a'plenty. He gets beat up (even more). We get a glimpse of evil Ash - and the plot twists at the end make ya wonder...
August 31, 2012
Egyszerre idĂ (C)zte meg gyermekkorom mutánsos poszt-apokaliptikus zsáner filmjeit, ember gĂ (C)p-interfĂ (C)sz kerettörtĂ (C)nete maximálisan kielĂ (C)gĂ­tette a mostani "felnĹ'tt" változatom. Bruce Cambell meg király Ă (C)s kĂ (C)sz.
February 20, 2012
Some nice bloody fleshy gore in this futuristic tale. Bruce Campbell is his usual self, but there are too many and too long moments of nothing happening.
October 10, 2011
Definitely the best of those early Fangoria films, MINDWARP contains what it easily Bruce Campbell's most natural and genuine performance (ie. least hammy). Borrowing elements of NEUROMANCER a decade before the Wachowski's, the "jacked-in" plot is more post-apocalyptic mutant cannibals than tech-oriented cyberpunk.
April 13, 2011
Heady concept mixes with total schlock from the first minute to the end.
March 26, 2011
If somebody came up to you and started describing a sci-fi film where people plug themselves in to a virtual reality through inputs located on the back of their neck, but then followed that up by saying that it wasn't The Matrix then you'd probably think that it was some sort of bad riddle. In retrospect, it probably is in a way but a little film called Mindwarp used this concept seven years before The Matrix did. While Mindwarp isn't nearly as flashy or anywhere near the same category of success as The Matrix (or as good), it can probably pass for one of those sci-fi films you catch sporadically during a fit of insomnia while flipping through channels during the infancy of the day and enjoying more than you thought you would.

The similarities to Total Recall will make themselves apparent right away, but Mindwarp doesn't take long to throw you into a post-apocalyptic world you'd expect to see The Road Warrior loitering around looking for an opportunity to relish what was thought to be a dried up natural resource. While Mindwarp can be considered a sci-fi film on the surface, it's most likely a horror film at its roots and that becomes apparent as soon as you realize who's a part of the cast. Bruce "don't call me Ash" Campbell plays the love interest for Marta Martin's Judy while The Tall Man himself, Angus Scrimm, portrays the villainous Seer. While the uniting of these two actors in one film is exciting to horror fans, aficionados may be disappointed when they realize that both Campbell and Scrimm basically have glorified cameos in the film. Neither of their parts seem very large once the film ends, but at least you get to see Campbell get infested by leeches and basically no-sell throwing up his intestines.

Mindwarp is gloriously grotesque, as well. It doesn't even try to shy away from blood or gore, which is fantastic for bloodthirsty horror fans. A perfect example is the meat grinding device the Seer uses as punishment to individuals who disobey him. The device is made from parts you'd find in a garbage dump along with a plethora of human skulls. After the unfortunate victim goes through the machine, their blood is spewed into a bathtub where the Crawlers, a deformed cannibalistic civilization that lives underground, drink the victim's blood. But with all the comparisons to horror come many of the same downfalls many films of the genre have. Mindwarp was made in the early 90's and the leftover cheese from the 80's makes its way into the film practically effortlessly. That means the few attempts at humor in the film will probably make you verbally groan. The acting is also over the top, Campbell and Scrimm have their moments but the wild card is Marta Martin. Her acting is really terrible early on in the film, but slowly gets more tolerable as the film progresses.

Although you'd probably expect more from a film starring legendary horror icons Bruce Campbell and Angus Scrimm, Mindwarp blends the horror, sci-fi, and thriller genres fairly well. The film still has enough cheese injected into it to make it feel like it was made in the eighties; when horror films were at their peak. So while the acting sometimes leaves something to be desired, the concept is surprisingly great and would even go on to influence sci-fi films you're probably more familiar with like The Matrix. Mindwarp is half Mad Max and half The Hills Have Eyes with a little bit of Total Recall thrown in for good measure. This quirky, blood-soaked post-apocalyptic gem is worth unearthing if you're a hardcore fan of horror or sci-fi cinema.
March 3, 2011
Before there was THE MATRIX, there was MINDWARP! A solid B-movie and a must for Campbell fans.
Super Reviewer
February 7, 2011
Prime-era Bruce Campbell in a sci-fi tale? I'm there! But I should have brought a budget because the filmmakers sure didn't!

Don't get me wrong, The Chin Man and low budgets go together like Kid Rock fans and wife beating. This is actually a futuristic horror: in an eerily Matrix-like premise 7 years before the fact, disillusioned Judy is fed up with plugging into a computer-generated alternate reality designed to take mankind's collective mind off the horrors of the real world. Once exiled from this "dreamland," she faces the barren post-apocalyptic terrain with lone human Stover (Campbell) for protection. The land-dwellers are menaced by cannibalistic "crawlers"who live throughout a series of tunnels underground.

Sounds kinda cool, right? Well it is, kinda. The problem is that soon after we get the setup, we are plunged into the underground amongst the crawlers and don't see the light of day again until the very end. That's a lot of time to spend in grimy tunnels and poorly-lit chambers (what do you expect? It's underground!) as our heroes try to escape. The makeup effects for the ghoulish crawlers are nothing very special but some of the violence & gore is still pretty potent. One particular scene showing the plucking out of an eyeball and subsequently passing the screaming victim through a giant bladed juicer so their blood can be drunk by the gathered mob shan't be quickly forgotten. Did I mention the victim is a 13-year old girl? Tell me you've seen THAT one before. *Ulp.*

Marta Alicia as Judy is not a very good actress - the credits precede her name with 'Introducing' and might as well have used 'Exiting' as far as movies are concerned. IMDB shows a long list of TV appearances but very little filmwork, although somehow she found her way into J.J. Abrams' Star Trek as 'Medical Technician.' The sets are pretty good, and I liked how the crawlers mined not only to expand their network of tunnels but more importantly to find objects and technology: intact lightbulbs, gears, motors from appliances, all buried from the civilization-ending war. They also throw in a twist ending long before it has become all the rage, which makes it fairly easy to spot.

Possibly worth a look for Bruce fans although he doesn't have as much screen time as one would like. Expect more 'Fi' than 'Sci' and a good amount of the red liquidy stuff that leaks from skin when brutally stabbed.
½ February 6, 2011
A good B scifi with a hint of mutant show. Bruce Campbell in rare form. Extra points for the blood drinking fountain.
November 30, 2010
Mediocre sci-fi, with a plot line mildly reminiscent of The Matrix. As a whole, not a great movie, although the last twenty minutes of the movie are fairly entertaining. I'd recommend watching it for Bruce Campbell's cameo.
½ November 30, 2010
An average post apocalyptic sci-fi horror even with Bruce Campbell as one of the leads.The problem is the movie attempts to cram far too much into a 90 minute time frame, which jumbled everything into a ridiculous, unexplained mess. This movie makes absolutely no sense, builds no tension, creates no suspense or character development of any kind while supplying gratuitous gore at times. Technically Mindwarp is OK, the sets are limited but it's obvious that the filmmakers were working on a low budget. It's worth a watch if you have the time to spare but don't expect anything brilliant
July 3, 2010
In the future, people spend their lives connected to some kind of virtual reality world, lets call it "the matrix" and most are contempt. One girl isn't she fights back and ends up in a desolated world with mutants and Bruce Campbell. Also, movie sucks. Includes a opera scene.
June 1, 2010
Better than both Matrix and THX 1138.
½ March 17, 2010
a fantastic fangoria released film
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