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½ January 20, 2008
Very dark little story - I didn't expect too much from it, so I was pleasantly surprised. The plot is a little silly - a young teenage girl (Nikki Reed) gets her kicks by daring herself to do things (hence the "first" in the title). In this case it is prostitution, followed by sleeping with her stepfather (Alec Baldwin).
I personally am not the biggest fan of Nikki Reed on screen - I am sure she is a lovely person, but she's hard faced and she looks older than the characters she is playing (generally).
In this case, though, it kind of works because Mini is totally unredeemable. She is not a nice girl, and she does not have any revelation by the end that makes her change her ways. Yeah, you get that her mum had issues and she didn't have the most loving upbringing,but this girl is borderline psycho!
Enjoyable film if you don't pick at the flaws too much!
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November 5, 2006
An ok movie thats pretty predictable.
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September 14, 2007
[font=Century Gothic]"Mini's First Time" starts with Mini(Nikki Reed) giving her speech as the first high school valedictorian with a C average. How she got there begins with her jumping out of her own birthday cake naked at her birthday party thrown by her dipsomaniac mother, Diane(Carrie-Anne Moss). To top that, Mini goes to work for an escort service where unbeknowst to him, she has sex with her stepfather, Martin(Alec Baldwin), a public relations executive. They have an affair and plot to drive Diane insane...[/font]
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[font=Century Gothic]"Mini's First Time" is a gleefully nasty black comedy without much of a conscience. And I mean that as a compliment. The movie is not terribly original but it succeeds more than any of its ilk, simply through pure attitude which is the only way to go here. A good cast helps including Luke Wilson and Jeff Goldblum. And Alec Baldwin has never been more relaxed.[/font]
[font=Century Gothic][/font]
[font=Century Gothic]I would not suggest looking for a moral here but if you were, it is that maybe with adults like these, it is no wonder the kids are so screwed up. And birth control is definitely a good idea.[/font]
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March 17, 2009
The performances are incredible. The twists and turns are a a blast. Definitely not a film for those who don't like dark comedy, but those with more sick, twisted senses of humor should love it.
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August 4, 2006
Don't get me wrong, I like the whole "tortured girl without a conscience" concept. But this is a whole bunch of crap. For all the correct reasons.
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November 8, 2008
This movie is extremely twisted. Normally I like this type of movie, but this one was just bad. Lots of good actors, but it fell short somewhere.
May 2, 2013
I'm officially a Carrie Anne Moss fan, she is brilliant in this movie! I shouldn't like this movie, but I do. This movie is too messed up.
½ February 1, 2012
The acting was good and I was laughing through out. Not sure if it was meant to be a comedy or anything but I had a good time watching it.
January 28, 2012
I was pleasantly surprised, it's a fun, brainless, very predictable comedy. Jeff Goldblum is awesome.
½ April 23, 2009
Fantastic movie mostly due to Nikki Reed. I am not downplaying the job Alec Baldwin does in this movie, but I am simply praising Nikki Reed and her hotness to carrying this movie! She looks amazing throughout the entire movie and unlike other movies like this, this one actually has a good plot with some twists and turns. Lots of craziness ensues in this one. Overall - I think I might buy this for my collection! Definitely worth watching again (and again)!
½ March 12, 2009
Mini is young, rich and bored. She is constantly coming up with outrageous stunts to pass the time and give her a thrill. How much trouble can one 18 year old girl really cause?
I tend to seek out those B Rate movies that usually don't get a second look. Sometimes It proves to be a huge waste of time, and I end up so bored I want to cry. But once in a rare occasion, I find a winner. This was certainly the case with Mini's First Time. I enjoyed this film immensely. It was a delightfully twisted story.
This film has a very noteworthy cast. Alec Baldwin, who is always top notch and very amusing. Carrie Ann-Moss, one of my new favorites since seeing her in Fido. Even Luke Wilson and Jeff Goldblum come along for the ride. Nikki Reed, who most recently played Rosalie in Twlight, illustrated Mini to a T. She was very deviant and delusive. The kind of girl that makes you love to hate her.
Mini's First Time is a sublime little tale of sex, murder, and blackmail. It is indubitably a movie that needs to be checked out. I noticed few Flixsterites have watched it and most have dubbed it "Not Interested". Please reconsider, you won't be disappointed.
½ January 1, 2008
Not exactly "Oscar worthy" if you know what I mean. It has it's moments, but that's about it. In the end the film is mostly disappointing. The acting is a mixed bag. Alec Baldwin is solid as always, and Carrie-Anne Moss gives the best performance of t...(read more)he film as the incredibly shallow alcoholic mother of Mini. On the opposite side of the spectrum, Nikki Reed who was decent in 'Thirteen', is absolutely abysmal in her role. The other high-profile actors in the film such as Luke Wilson and Jeff Goldblum seem to just be in the movie for window-dressing. All in all, despite some interesting moments, Mini's First Time is a waste of time. Grade: C
August 17, 2007
Oh my gosh thismovie is seriously so screwed up its just sad that this kind of stuff happenes to people. I loved when Carrie Anne-Moss got Maced though that was pretty funny.
July 5, 2007
Interesting movie. I loved how she helped her stepfather get rid of her mother and then sent him to jail for killing her mother. I especially loved the parts where her mother was drugged and she was acting really crazy.
June 6, 2007
One of the best independent films I've seen in years! A very dark story line with enough humor that'll have you laughing out loud! Nikki Reed absolutely kicks ass in this one!
½ May 4, 2007
Alec Baldwin should seriously consider suicide (oh what, like you werent thinking it) yet another movie that make you ask your self: What the f*ck did I just watch?!
December 21, 2006
It's one messed up movie that you just have to keep watching to discover what's going to happen next.
November 10, 2006
Not a bad movie but very unrealistic. Nikki Reed does a great acting job as a girl who is very angry at the world and how things have been dealt in her life so goes about doing everything once for the thrill of the "First time". Luke Wislon was greatly underused and I have no idea why he agreed to be in this film. Carrie-Ann Moss does a great turn as a mother who is a drug addict/lush and doesn't care about her daughter.
October 7, 2006
The main reason I wanted to see this was Nikki Reed. After seeing what an awesome job she did in Thirteen (writing the story and staring in it), I would watch anything with her in it. She doesnt let me down with Mini's First Time either. She does a really good job here. Although there are some plot holes and it is slightly predictable, I really liked it. Alec Baldwin is great and it's nice to see Carrie-Anne Moss in a different type of role. Plus Jeff Glodblum and Luke Wilson. The line from Alec Baldwin who plays Mini's stepdad says it all:
"You are one sick little twist. You know that?"
July 13, 2014
This movie has the look and feel of a "better" class B, straight-to-DVD, film. And, it did go to DVD in 6 mos.; after a limited theatre release. It is "better", due to the acting skills of Alec Baldwin and Carrie Ann Moss. The cinematography is also pretty good. The title is a misnomer. This movie has nothing to do with her sexual "first time". When the film opens, high schooler Mini is clearly an experienced, sexual veteran. The lead is Minerva, aka Mini (Nikki Reed). Ms Reed appeared in THIRTEEN; also as a sexy bad girl, as she does here. She was 16 when she performed in THIRTEEN. She was 18 when this movie was made. This movie appears to have been written to capitalize on the limited success of THIRTEEN. And, therefor, also as a vehicle for Ms Reed to star in.

Ms Reed was a co-writer on THIRTEEN. Here she plays virtually the same character. She appears to have intimate, personal knowledge of the life style of a teenage, "bad girl". Ms Reed's acting skills seem to be seriously limited. She has one basic expression thru out this movie.

This is a movie to skip. Baldwin & Moss carry most of the water. But, their efforts aren't enough to justify watching this flic.
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