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August 12, 2013
A so so attempt at getting any one to care that Oxford rows Cambridge. Under dog story that paints Americans assholes, and all of a sudden the Brits can row??? really??? No girls at Oxford? No girls handing around the crews? Too gar fetched to be based on a true story, yet it exists.
½ September 14, 2011
Finally i managed to finish it on tudou. To a certain degree it promotes individualism which I don't quite agree. But it is good to have a picture on boat race, so I'd better add 0.5 star to keep this prejudice in remarks.
November 3, 2010
The best rowing movie, because it's the only rowing movie.
March 9, 2005
Originly released in 1997 as "true blue" - Miracle at Oxford is based on the book "True Blue" by Daniel Topolski and Patrick Robinson and recounts a highly biased version of the 1987 Oxford Boat Race mutiny, starting in April 1986 when Oxford suffered its first defeat by Cambridge in 11 years.

Angered by the result, one of the Oxford oarsmen, American Rick Ross, swears to avenge the defeat and proceeds to import all his mates in the US national squad into Oxford as post-grads so they can redeem the failing Oxford squad.

Rowing politics soon raise their ugly head and a power struggle over training methods and crew selection, leads to a bitter clash between the Scottish president of the Oxford Dark Blues, Donald MacDonald (Dominic West) and the American oarsmen.

In the ensuing spat, the Americans pull out six weeks before the race. The stage is then set not only for MacDonald's fightback but for Oxford's coach, Topolski (Johan Leysen), to mould an inexperienced reserve crew into a winning team.

Those searching for the detailed truth about what really went on in Oxford in 1986/87 should turn their DVD player off and go and read Alison Gill's book "the Yanks at Oxford" (if you can manage to find a copy) as it gives a much less biased view of the whole sorry saga.

For those who simply want to watch a good sports movie, a miracle at Oxford is certainly an entertaining watch, especially for those who know little about the sport of rowing and are therefore impervious to the huge number of continuity errors - mainly around use of equipment that simply didn't exist in 1986 and the intercutting of acted scenes with real footage from the 1996 boatrace and fours head.

Worth watching but take it with a big pinch of salt.
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