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April 21, 2016
hilarious comedy of the thin romantic line between irritation and love. Henry's smooth as usual but Uhm takes the cake with her convincing rendition of the non-self-respecting "loser" in love.
April 21, 2016
totally slapstick and enjoyable :) i enjoyed all the conversations!
½ November 2, 2015
With Daniel Henney's charm, they literally nailed the perfect and this film has made too much on the corporate side which made it boring halfways.
April 8, 2015
Very cute and funny.
September 6, 2013
once again another perfect movie for me. I absolutely want the girl's haircut! (sorry I just had to throw that in there!). Mr. Perfect is indeed HELLOOOOOO! I like how he never speaks Korean in the whole movie. And the whole "I've never apologized for anything in my life" attitude was a welcome change from boring Hollywood flicks. I love the dad especially in the end lmao! Nothing lifts me up better than a good Korean movie!
½ January 30, 2013
Pela primeira vez acho que genuinamente gostei de um filme coreano..
January 1, 2013
I loved Loved this movie, it was soooo funny and great!!! I especially loved the last scene, LOL. The guy was so damn hot, every time I saw him I had that in my mind, anyways, I loved how they made the girl perfectly unperfect on her own way and that she did embarrass herself sometimes. A great movie, I will re watch it for sure!
October 8, 2012
Great story telling , although numerous movies have been made earlier on this same plot,for some reason you'll remember this .
September 4, 2011
a little silly. but funny to watch, except I watched this 12 times, and never finished watching it! haha

How can watching Daniel Henney be boring?
August 23, 2011
Damn good movie,the chemistry b/w Daniel and Uhm Jung Hwa is absolutely perfect.
August 5, 2011
This guy is unbelievably gorgeous, how can he???every shot he is in, i cant stop myseif to say "so handsome", every single shot! So i prabably said 100 times when the movie play. And also his voice...every word he says, it's inressistable.
August 1, 2011
Oh man, so charming. Can't handle it.
July 7, 2011
Cute, funny, romantic and touching.
I only didn't like the final end, because it was kind of weird to add meeting with parents thing.
½ July 3, 2011
My first Korean movie. Didn't let me down. Robin was so professional and perfect! And the end was hilarious.
May 28, 2011
ohh daniel henney made me fallin in love.. uwooowwhhh
January 18, 2011
even Mr. Perfect has weak point
½ December 5, 2010
nice korean romantic comedy. had a good time... ;) hope Henney will speak in Korean from start to finish in one of his appearance... that would be cool... :)
½ July 20, 2010
i love d korean and d cute girl
June 27, 2010
daniel is soooo hot! rawr! hahah
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