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November 20, 2008
August 7, 2008
Bullock's talent for gentle farce is not enough to carry her here; there are only so many times she can get a laugh out of stumbling in her high heels and talking with her mouth full.
December 6, 2005
Basically, this is like a really bad film from the eighties, that seems to be remade with Sandra Bullock digitally grafted onto the horrible plot.
December 6, 2005
Miss Congeniality isn't awful, but it isn't utterly entertaining or incredibly original either, it's just right in the middle.
May 4, 2005
Predictably cute and idiotically misleading.
March 28, 2005
Convenient bimbo stereotypes, bolstered and magnified.
March 11, 2005
No one does this kind of thing better than Bullock, but one wonders for how long she can pull it off. Perhaps for as long as it pays.
May 14, 2003
With this cutesy bit of ick, Sandra Bullock squanders the good will she engendered with her surprisingly complex portrayal of a party girl in rehab in 28 Days.
September 12, 2002
Like most beauty pageant contestants themselves, Miss Congeniality is all charm and little substance.
Top Critic
March 22, 2002
January 27, 2002
November 16, 2001
Bullock's confident turn cannot, alas, save this Beautiful Women Falling Down entry.
June 4, 2001
Unless you think it's a riot to watch Bullock fall over herself repeatedly in high heels, this Miss is a mess.
April 16, 2001
If you're expecting action and comedy, you'll find this film has little of either.
February 26, 2001
Rent Drop Dead Gorgeous if you want to see how a funny movie on the beauty pageant world is done! This is all formula.
February 7, 2001
February 7, 2001
Completely devoid of wit or grace, but heavy on straining obviousness.
February 7, 2001
February 7, 2001
A light-as-a-feather comedy that's neither ambitious nor particularly original.
February 7, 2001
Although the script grants its leading lady some snappy verbal and physical humor, the film flickers and dies under a surfeit of stereotypes and one critical piece of ill-judged casting.
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