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Another proof that truth is stranger than fiction. If you like a good detective story, you'd be hard pressed to do better than Missing Allen.

Full Review… | June 3, 2002
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[center][font=Tahoma][img]http://www.cameramagazin.de/cm/pict01/allen12.jpg[/img][/font][/center] [color=white]Fictitious detective stories are usually interesting and entertaining. The documentary detective story we are told in [u]Missing Allen: The Man Who Became a Camera[/u] haunts beyond the point of entertainment. Christian Bauer, with his Austrian accent and delicate style, constructs a unique foray into a personal obsession with finding out the truth about a missing friend.[/color] [color=white]Director Bauer is trying to discover the conclusion to his friends life, whether it has come yet or not. He uses his filmmaking skills to deceive people into letting him in and getting some amazing interviews with important beings involved in the case. There is a phone call in which Bauer interviews Allen’s ex-wife who founded the “Sumaritan” cult that really captures the passion of this filmmaker who wont stop at anything to get answers.[/color] [color=white]Bauer digs deep into the story he is trying to tell the audience. The glossy cover of the film confuses the viewer to believe that it will be a fun experience. Contrary to this misleading notion, the film is a depressing experience taking a foray into the mind of a man who slowly lost contact with his loved ones, whether it was due to a murder, a disappearance, or a fundamental loss of touch with reality.[/color] [color=white]The mind-bending score really chills to the core. As Bauer gets deeper into Allen’s Oklahoma dwelling, the entire concept of the film begins to really play with the soul. The soft sound of the electric piano gives the film that eerie atmosphere causing the chills to get colder.[/color] [color=white]Every second progresses with a smooth rhythm that gets the viewer deeper into this mysterious web of confusion for this furious filmmaker searching for the truth. It is impossible to deny the power of the film in the aspect of thrills. We are taken alongside Bauer into this other-worldly experience that we can never grow accustom too.[/color] [color=white]The entire aspect of this evil woman controlling Allen and eventually brainwashing to join the cult is really the climax of the film. I couldn’t help but tremble upon hearing Bauer read the final letters he received from Allen, underscoring Allen’s possible descent into madness, or confusion, as the craftsman makes it out to be.[/color] [left][font=Times New Roman][font=Tahoma][color=white][font=Verdana]Missing Allen comes to a superb conclusion in the final ten minutes as everything that has unfolded during the screen time comes together. You get a feeling of closure and disdain as the final credits starts to roll to the footage of Allen’s archived footage.[/font] [/color][/font][/font][/left]

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