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August 30, 2009
Had a pop artist handled this, the franchise could have had its On Her Majesty's Secret Service; with machines directing machines, however, it's closer to its Live and Let Die
July 18, 2008
Without an outsize directorial vision it looks even more like sub-007 than the others did.
August 2, 2007
The sad truth is that Ethan will always be better at saving the world than saving his marriage and fans of the first two films are likely to find the agent's journey of the heart an unwelcome distraction
June 1, 2006
Abrams shoots virtually everything in close-up, has no skill in establishing space, and is only in his element when people are talking. And talking. And talking.
May 26, 2006
Flatters moviegoers who want to believe their loved ones can never know their true depths, and that deceptions and 'disguises' are a necessary part of life.
May 25, 2006
...a series of preposterous action sequences, one huge plot hole, and a bunch of emotional conflicts that seem to have more to do with Cruise than with his character.
May 22, 2006
Runs too fast, overloaded with pointless action to the brink of exhaustion.
May 20, 2006
the new personal insight into the character never quite takes off and achieves the level of emotional involvement obviously intended.
May 19, 2006
parts of the movie are fun, but a weak villain and a drag-down ending work against it.
May 15, 2006
An implosive Mission.
May 14, 2006
This time, the balance has been tipped, and it isn't in Tom Cruise's favor.
May 11, 2006
Should you decide to accept this movie, get used to the idea that it's all Tom Cruise, all the time.
Top Critic
May 10, 2006
As idiot movies go, this one is as sub-mental as you might expect.
May 10, 2006
My final reaction to Mission: Impossible III is one of bemused tolerance and even mild absorption in all the silliness.
May 10, 2006
At a reported price tag of $160 million, Mission Impossible III is the most expensive expanse of nothingness in the history of film.
May 9, 2006
Abrams was apparently so busy reading his own press he never noticed that film has a distinctly different aesthetic language than television.
May 9, 2006
There are no flourishes to savor. Instead, there are big-deal stunts.
May 9, 2006
Is an okay action flick but Tom's off screen persona gets in the way of the plot
May 8, 2006
The grand finale? A fistfight, after which somebody gets run over. Listen, if I want to see that kind of action, I don't go to Shanghai. I don't even go to the movies. I go to the South Bronx and stand outside a bar.
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