Mississippi Masala Reviews

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September 7, 2011
January 1, 2000
Surprisingly funny and cheerful at times.
January 1, 2000
It may be longwinded here and there, but Mississippi Masala jumps with life.
January 1, 2000
An utterly infectious romance between an African American and an Indian African emigre, this seductively funny film measures the pull of roots against the tug of heartstrings.
February 5, 1992
May 30, 2018
The colors of human life are bountifully and boldly illuminated in Mira Nair's Mississippi Masala, a bittersweet-and-hot love story pairing an African-America carpet cleaner with an Indian motel maid in the old-new Deep South.
November 6, 2006
The film's message ... isn't hard to miss, but Nair tells Mina and Demetrius's story so thoughtfully and affectionately that it doesn't matter.
October 4, 2006
Unlike Lee's Jungle Fever, which also deals with interracial romance, Nair's film is non-judgmental, taking neither moral ground nor faulting any group. Released when national boundaries were crumbling it was a poignant work about the meaning of home.
October 9, 2005
October 7, 2005
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